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Mattress Toppers

Sleeping badly? Our gel-infused memory foam mattress topper could be just what you need for pressure relief and a better, healthier night's sleep. Talk to the Healthy Sleep Specialists - visit us in-store in Melbourne, or buy online today!


    Flexi Gel Infusion Mattress Topper

    Price From: Price: $239.00

    Our Flexi Toppers with gel infusion are designed to take the pressure off where and when you need it most. Made from high quality Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, infused with Polyurethane Micro Gel Chips, this luxurious 5cm deep pad provides excellent pressure relief and comfort, and is the simple solution to ensuring a good night's sleep. Learn More

Comfort and pressure relief with a Flexi Gel Infusion Mattress Topper

Do you wake up in the mornings feeling stiff and sore?  Perhaps you suffer from pain in your lower back, hips or legs, or even numbness or tingling?  It is quite likely that your mattress is too firm. With a too firm or too hard mattress, pressure relief to cushion the curves of your body is minimised. The lack of good pressure relief results in poor spinal alignment and may have serious health implications. Ask the heathy sleep experts at Mattress & PIllow Science about our mattress toppers. 

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