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Mattresses for Kids

Mattresses for Kids

When choosing a mattress for your child, we have a range of options from strong, inner spring mattresses covered in luxury foam and plush quilting, to a wide selection of mattresses with pocket coils, with or without a pillow-top. Visit us in-store today!

  1. Contour Advance Pocket Spring Mattress

    CONTOUR ADVANCE - 3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

    The Contour Advance, with its unique Contour Tech® 3-zone pocket coil system and natural latex pillow-top, offers individual comfort and support and minimal partner disturbance. 

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  2. ORTHO SLAT - innerspring Mattress

    ORTHO SLAT - Innerspring Mattress

    For a strong, hardwearing innerspring mattress, with a comfort layer of foams and plush quilting, the Ortho Slat is the perfect choice. Learn More