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Gel Mattresses

Gel Mattresses

Gel mattresses combine the comfort and support of pressure relieving memory foam with a gel pad or gel-infused fabrics to provide additional pressure relief and cool even the hottest sleeper. Visit us in-store today to test the coolest mattresses in town!

  1. gel advance mattress

    GEL ADVANCE - 3 Zone Pocket on Pocket Spring Mattress

    Look no further for a truly divine mattress! It has a 3-zoned pocket spring system providing excellent support and minimal partner disturbance, and a pillow-top with micro-pocket springs enhancing the superbly pressure-relieving gel-infused memory foam.

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  2. Radiance - 5 zone pocket spring

    RADIANCE - 5 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

    The Radiance is a 5-zone pocket spring mattress, with a pillow-top of gel-infused memory foam and Clima Cool quilting, edged with a breathable gusset. Made exclusively for Mattress & Pillow Science, the Radiance will provide support and comfort for many years. 

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  3. BODY IN BALANCE PLUS – Gel Mattress

    BODY IN BALANCE PLUS – Award Winning Twin Spring Gel Mattress

    A truly luxurious 3-zone twin pocket spring mattress (every spring is a twin spring), with a pillow-top of Italian Hydrogel® on pads of high density memory foam, covered in super-soft all natural Tencel® treated quilting.

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Choose a Gel Mattress for support, comfort and coolness

Do you wake up at night feeling uncomfortably hot? If so, you need to speak to our expert sleep consultants about cool sleep gel mattresses. Combining a luxurious blend of pressure-relieving memory foam with gel-infused materials and padding, our mattresses are deigned to provide a comfortable night's sleep without the discomfort of overheating. 

Designed to reduce heat build-up, the Hydrogel® pad sits within layers of a visco-elastic memory foam mattress pillow-top, giving a luxurious feel and contouring pressure relief.

For the right gel mattress at the right price, visit Mattress & Pillow Science.

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