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Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Choose an ultra-comfortable, pressure-relieving, natural latex-rich mattress for a better, healthier night's sleep. Visit us in-store to find the a mattress with natural latex that best suits your sleep style and requirements.

  1. Contour Advance Pocket Spring Mattress

    CONTOUR ADVANCE - 3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

    The Contour Advance, with its unique Contour Tech® 3-zone pocket coil system and natural latex pillow-top, offers individual comfort and support and minimal partner disturbance. 

    Learn More
  2. BODY IN BALANCE - Twin Pocket Spring Mattress

    BODY IN BALANCE - Twin Spring Mattress with Natural Latex

    A luxurious 3-zoned twin pocket spring mattress (every spring is a twin spring) surrounded by an ultra strong foam box and a pillow-top of natural latex, provides superior support and comfort. Suitable for all body types. Learn More
  3. Vogue 3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress with Latex

    VOGUE ELEGANT LIFESTYLE - 3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

    The popular Vogue Elegant mattress has a 3-zone pocket spring system with an ultra-strong Edge Boostâ„¢ superior edge surround. The pillow-top has layers of foam, natural latex and wool, providing excellent pressure relief and comfort. Learn More

Perfect Pressure Relief with Natural Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses have the unique ability to be both pressure relieving and supportive. Latex is soft enough to sleep on directly or it can be integrated with layers of other materials such as memory foam or foam in pillow-tops. Latex is strong and durable, making it ideal for sleeping comfort.

We have a range of mattresses with quality Natural Latex pillow tops or Natural Latex combined with other foams.

For latex-rich mattresses at the right price, visit Mattress & Pillow Science.

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