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Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket Spring Mattresses

Choose multi-zoned pocket spring mattresses for fabulous individual support and virtually no partner disturbance. Visit us in-store to find the right pocket spring mattress for you.

  1. BODY IN BALANCE - Twin Pocket Spring Mattress

    BODY IN BALANCE - Twin Spring Mattress with Natural Latex

    A luxurious 3-zoned twin pocket spring mattress (every spring is a twin spring) surrounded by an ultra strong foam box and a pillow-top of natural latex, provides superior support and comfort. Suitable for all body types. Learn More
  2. BODY IN BALANCE PLUS – Gel Mattress

    BODY IN BALANCE PLUS – Award Winning Twin Spring Gel Mattress

    A truly luxurious 3-zone twin pocket spring mattress (every spring is a twin spring), with a pillow-top of Italian Hydrogel® on pads of high density memory foam, covered in super-soft all natural Tencel® treated quilting.

    Learn More
  3. Vogue 3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress with Latex

    VOGUE ELEGANT LIFESTYLE - 3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

    The popular Vogue Elegant mattress has a 3-zone pocket spring system with an ultra-strong Edge Boost™ superior edge surround. The pillow-top has layers of foam, natural latex and wool, providing excellent pressure relief and comfort. Learn More
  4. gel advance mattress

    GEL ADVANCE - 3 Zone Pocket on Pocket Spring Mattress

    Look no further for a truly divine mattress! It has a 3-zoned pocket spring system providing excellent support and minimal partner disturbance, and a pillow-top with micro-pocket springs enhancing the superbly pressure-relieving gel-infused memory foam.

    Learn More
  5. Contour Advance Pocket Spring Mattress

    CONTOUR ADVANCE - 3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

    The Contour Advance, with its unique Contour Tech® 3-zone pocket coil system and natural latex pillow-top, offers individual comfort and support and minimal partner disturbance. 

    Learn More

Searching for a pocket spring mattress in Melbourne? 

If you've been looking for a pocket spring mattress store based in Melbourne, then you've certainly come to the right place. Mattress & Pillow Science is a specialist supplier of luxury pocket sprung mattresses. Designed for minimal partner disturbance and supreme comfort, our premium quality pocket sprung mattresses are multi-zoned with twin, 3, 5 and 7 zones, and come multi-layered for additional comfort with various combinations of gel, latex and memory foam.   


Minimal partner disturbance

We all know how important sleep is and there's simply nothing worse than having to get up in the morning after a disrupted sleep. If you're tired of waking up at night because of your partner's movements, then you need to visit us in-store at one of our two locations in Caulfield South or Moonee Ponds and test out our fantastic range of pocket spring mattresses for yourself. A top quality pocket spring mattress from Mattress & Pillow Science is the perfect solution for eliminating partner disturbance and offers terrific value for money. Ask our expert healthy sleep consultants to discuss your requirements and you'll soon be on your way to a restful night's sleep!


Pocket spring mattresses - how do they work?

Redefining the innerspring mattress, each pocket spring – or coil - is set in a fabric pocket, giving individual support and virtually eliminating any partner disturbance. Technologically advanced, pocket springs come in many strengths and sizes. Often zoned, the alternating light and heavier gauge steel springs provide different responses to body weight, giving some pressure relief. A mattress with twin springs, where one spring sits inside another, provides extra strength, while a dual spring system combines the benefits of the pocket spring and innerspring. All pocket spring mattresses (also known as pocket coil mattresses or pocket sprung mattresses) need a comfort layer, whether it is memory foam or latex padding that sits directly on top of the springs, or a pillow top combination of luxuriant memory foam, natural latex or cool gel.


What's the best pocket spring mattress for me?

Our mutli-zoned, multi-layered pocket mattresses come in a fantastic rage of styles to meet the demands of even the lightest, fussiest sleeper. The best way to find out what's best for you is simply to visit us in-store and test it out for yourself. Don't forget, the best pocket sprung mattress is the one that feels most comfortable for you. 


Want to test out a pocket spring mattress in Melbourne? Visit Mattress & Pillow Science in Caulfield South or Moonee Ponds and experience the difference for yourself. 

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