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Calma Pillow

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A moulded visco-elastic memory foam pillow that offers a moderate to firm feel and is denser than the Original Contour pillow. Excellent for neck and shoulder support for people who prefer a firmer pillow.

  • Contoured visco-elastic memory foam providing comfort and pressure relief.
    • The pressure-relieving visco-elastic material, along with a plush stretch cover, gently moulds to the pressure of your head and neck, providing comfort and pressure relief.
  • Asymmetric contour shape.
    • Contoured with a shoulder curve on one edge, ideal for side sleepers, and a lower contour on the other edge for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Available in two heights.
    • The medium profile is suitable for small to average framed people, and the high profile suits average to larger framed people.
  • 3 Year Warranty.
    • Sömna medica™ Calma Pillow is guaranteed to retain its unique shape and workability for three years.

Made from: Moulded high-density visco-elastic memory foam.

Firmness: Firm.

Shape: Gently contoured on one side for side sleepers, with a flat edge on the other for back sleepers.

Ideal for: Back and side sleepers who are looking for a firmer pillow with a moderate degree of pressure relief. Stomach sleepers can use this pillow but we advise against sleeping on your stomach under most conditions.

Size: 50cm x 30cm. 10cm & 8cm high (Medium), 12cm & 9cm high (High)

Cover: Made from a stretch cotton polyester mix.

Care: Avoid direct sunlight; sponge clean foam. Warm hand-wash cover. Do not machine wash, dry-clean or tumble dry. We always recommend you use a quality pillow protector.


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