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Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam Pillows

Enjoy a better, healthier night's sleep with a top quality memory foam pillow designed for ultimate neck support and comfort. Quick delivery Australia-wide. Flat fee shipping only $9.95 or FREE delivery over $150. Buy online now!

  1. Sömna Medica™ Flexi Pillow Gel Contour

    Flexi Pillow - Gel Contour With Bamboo

    Price: $129.00

    When you need a pillow that helps cool the sleeping surface then Gel is the answer. Available in both classic and contour designs, our memory foam Gel pillows are topped with a layer of Gel, and gently mould, support and cool even the hottest sleeper. The contour shape encourages side sleeping to assist breathing and reduce snoring. It comes with a foam insert so that the pillow can be adjusted to suit all body frames. The perfect choice for the coolest comfort as well as exceptional pressure relief.

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  2. Sömna Medica™ Flexi Pillow Alleve

    Flexi Pillow - Alleve

    Price: $99.00

    The Alleve is a quality, high-density slow-release memory foam pillow. Its contour shape is ideal for side and back sleepers, providing maximum support for the head and neck. With the additional foam insert it can be adjusted to suit all body frames.

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  3. Serene Plush Pillow Hero

    Flexi Pillow - Serene Plush

    Price: $79.95

    Flexi Pillow Serene Plush Pillow has a high tech memory foam core, encased in micro clouds of microfibre. Wonderfully supportive with the benefits of pressure-relieving memory foam and the luxury feel of soft microfibre clouds Ideal for all sleep styles including tummy sleepers. Buy online now! Learn More

  4. Bamboo Memory Foam Traditional Pillow

    Bamboo Memory Foam Traditional Pillow

    Price: $79.95

    The Bamboo Traditional Memory Foam Pillow is a moulded memory foam pillow that is of medium feel and contours to the curves of your neck and suits all sleep styles.

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  5. Deep Sleep Standard Pillow

    Deep Sleep Standard Memory Foam Pillow

    Price: $69.95

    The Deep Sleep Standard Pillow is an economically priced standard shaped memory foam pillow.

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  6. Calma Pillow

    Calma Pillow

    Price From: Price: $49.95

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    For those who enjoy a firmer pillow, the Calma provides sublime comfort and excellent neck and shoulder support. Made from moulded high-density visco-elastic memory foam, the Calma is a contoured pillow, available in two heights to suit most body frames.

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Memory Foam Pillow? Heavenly, healthy sleep is now blissfully yours!

Mattress & Pillow Science offers an excellent range of top quality, superbly researched memory foam pillows – each and every one comes with a contour design for ultimate neck support and comfort and can be adjusted to suit every body, shape and size. Buy online now!


Advantages of a memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows are well known for providing much needed relief for those who suffer from neck or shoulder pain, sleep apnoea or snoring and allergies. Mattress & Pillow Science has researched and developed a superb range of visco-elastic memory pillows to address exactly these needs:

  • Our pillows offer superior support for the upper back, neck and head with a contoured shape, adjustable heights and superb pressure relief; perfect for anyone who has ever suffered discomfort with a sore neck. 
  • Memory foam gently moulds the shape of your head providing (literally) a custom-shaped depression on your pillow for an unmatched comforting, luxurious feel. Our range comes in plush, medium or firm feel, whichever you prefer best. 
  • Improved alignment – memory foam pillows encourage side sleeping. This essential fact reduces tummy sleeping, which over time can have a negative effect on the health of your spine. 
  • Reduce snoring and sleep apnoea – our memory foam pillows can drastically reduce snoring & sleep apnoea, as they encourage healthier, snore-reducing side sleeping (as opposed to back sleeping - the primary cause of snore-related issues). 
  • Hypoallergenic qualities – be allergy free! All Mattress & Pillow Science memory foam pillows are perfect for anyone suffering from allergies. Problem solved!

What's so different about a Mattress & Pillow Science memory foam pillow?

  • Our pillows offer a vastly superior sleeping experience - we are a specialist mattress and pillow store that focuses on providing a healthier night's sleep and this is reflected in the products we manufacture and sell. Our memory foam pillows are a superb option for healthy and sore necks alike, and will appeal to anyone who understands the importance of a good night’s sleep.
  • Our focus on healthy sleep means our contoured memory foam pillows have been developed for optimal spinal alignment in sleeping posture, which may assist specifically in soothing neck pain, headaches or migraines, and shoulder pain.
  • Superbly researched products - we know great pillows! We are not a big chain furniture store that "sells pillows too”, our products are second to none in terms of quality, comfort and pressure relief.
  • Many of our pillows have unique features, shapes and sizes – check out our best selling Gel Contour memory foam pillow for a cool night’s sleep or our Platinum Plush memory foam pillow for superb pressure relief and comfort.
  • Longer lasting – our emphasis on top quality means a Mattress & Pillow Science contour memory foam pillow will last longer, retain its shape and continue to provide superb, pressure relief and support for years to come.


$9.95 flat fee shipping or FREE delivery Australia-wide for orders over $150

Sleepless in Sydney? You don't have to be! We ship to all major cities, towns and regions in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Hobart and more. We offer quick delivery Australia-wide within 7 days maximum (usually you’ll receive your pillow within 3 or 4 days) for just $9.95 or if you spend more than $150, you get all your products delivered FREE of charge. Buy your memory foam contour pillow online now!


Buy online now or visit us in store and experience the difference for yourself.

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