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Pillows For Neck Pain

Pillows For Neck Pain

Looking for the best Pillow for Neck Pain? Choose from our superb range of top quality neck pillows and enjoy a better night's sleep tonight. Quick delivery Australia-wide. Flat fee shipping only $9.95 or FREE.DELIVERY over $150. Buy online now!

  1. Platinum Plush - Adjustable Pillow

    Platinum Plush - Adjustable Pillow

    Price: $169.00

    An innovation from Pillow Science®, the Platinum range of adjustable pillows is made in Australia from Dunlop’s high-density visco-elastic memory foam, giving you superb pressure relief and comfort. Moderately contoured, the Platinum Plush provides a plush to medium feel and ultra pressure relief. It comes with a foam insert to give you four height options. Suitable for all body frames.

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  2. Original Contour Pillow - Medium Feel

    Original Contour Pillow

    Price From: Price: $149.00

    It is difficult to go past the Original Contour Pillow – a best seller for many years because of its supportive, yet ultra-comfortable pressure-relieving memory foam and gentle contoured shaping. Designed to encourage side sleeping, the Original Contour pillow may assist in reducing snoring. Available in three heights to suit all body frames. An absolute winner!

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  3. Contour Memory Foam Pillow - Relief Contour Pillow

    Flexi Pillow - Relief Contour with Bamboo

    Price: $139.00

    The Relief Contour is a luxurious high-density (50kg/m3) memory-foam pillow, with pinholes to provide superior air circulation and a plusher feel. Its contour shape is ideal for side and back sleepers, providing maximum support for the head and neck. With the additional foam insert which is placed underneath the pillow, it can be adjusted to suit all body frames.

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  4. Flexi Pillow Latex with Cover

    Flexi Pillow - Latex

    Price: $99.00

    If you are looking for a quality “all natural” latex pillow, that will provide support and comfort without the sinking feeling of visco-elastic, the Flexi Latex pillow is the perfect choice. Gently contoured, with an insert that gives you four height options, it is suitable for side and back sleepers and all body shapes.

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No more sleepless nights! Buy a pillow for neck pain online now!

One of the most common causes of neck pain is sleeping on a poor mattress and/or pillow. If you are not getting the right support and pressure relief that your body needs, your spine, hips, shoulders and neck will be affected.

Health professionals agree that the correct position for sleep is for your spine to be in neutral alignment – in effect your spine is parallel with the floor. When sleeping on your side, which is considered the healthiest sleeping position, your head needs to be supported at the correct height and your neck is not tilting up or down. You should also check that your shoulders and hips are benefitting from some pressure relief from a well-designed mattress. For back and tummy sleepers, a pillow with a low profile will help keep your head from tilting and causing pressure on your neck.

 We will always recommend a Contour Pillow for best support.

A contour neck pillow is designed to accommodate the natural contours of the head, neck and in certain cases the shoulders. They are often called pillows for neck pain and are usually higher at one side and drop in the centre, creating an indentation where the head rests. This contour shape gives greater support under the neck than a classic shaped pillow, as well as comfortable positioning of the cervical vertebrae (the neck part of the spine). A contour neck pillow should provide support for the neck and head whilst assisting the body to achieve a neutral spine.

Whether you suffer from any neck complaints, or just want the best pillow for neck pain to keep your neck healthy, our pillow range comes in a variety materials including:

All of our pillows come in different comfort densities and heights to suit every body frame.

Call now, buy online or visit us in-store and experience the Mattress & Pillow Science difference for yourself.

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