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AH Beard Enliven 2 Adjustable Base

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AH Beard Enliven Adjustable Base

Using an electric adjustable base is proven to provide an increase in quality of sleep and general well-being, whether it is the Zero-gravity position, wireless remote or Bluetooth connectivity; AH Beard’s Enliven Adjustable Base has got you covered.


Zero Gravity

Scientifically designed; the Zero Gravity position sets the head at 17° and the foot at 25° to put your body in a position the takes excess tension off your spine. This is the perfect position to relax in before sleep.

Wireless Remote with Flashlight

The AH Beard Enliven Adjustable base offers a wireless remote with an in-built flashlight to ensure that you don’t have to break that comfortable position to find the TV remote again.


Anti-Snore – Slightly raise the head/back rest, elevating the head enables increased air flow reducing snoring.


Reading/TV – Adjust the head/back rest up to approximately 120° to reduce strain on your lower back and assist with correct posture.

Heart Burn/Acid Reflux – Similar to the Anti-Snore position, raise the headrest to assist with digestion and relieve heart burn & acid reflux.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Instead of using the remote why not use your phone instead!



Head and Foot Adjustability

AH Beard’s Enliven Electric Adjustable Base allows you to completely customize your sleep style with head and foot adjustability.


Other Notable Benefits

  • Headboard Compatibility
  • Height Adjustable Legs (5cm, 6cm, 11cm, 13cm, 18cm, 19cm, 24cm)
  • 400kg (per base) Weight Limit
  • 10 Year Guarantee