AH Beard Invigorate Adjustable Base

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AH Beard Invigorate Adjustable Base

AH Beard’s Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base is a premium quality base with all the features you could want in an adjustable base from the Zero Gravity Position to Three Intensities of Massage. This base is sure to help you make your bedroom the luxurious personal getaway you deserve.


Zero Gravity

Scientifically designed; the Zero Gravity position sets the head at 17° and the foot at 25° to put your body in a position the takes excess tension off your spine. This is the perfect position to relax in before sleep.


AH Beard’s Invigorate Massage has 3 different intensity settings (low, medium & high) to offer you the ability to customize your pre-sleep routine. The additional wave setting moves vertically up and down you body to provide a total body relaxation setting to help you prepare for a better, deeper night’s sleep.

The vibration technology used in the massage promotes stimulated blood flow to help decrease recovery times for your muscle as well as relaxes the body preparing you for sleep.

Pre-Set TV Position

Now, at the click of a button, the Invigorate Electric Adjustable Bed adjusts your body’s position to promote better postural alignment and reduced lower back stress when you are watching TV or reading a book.

Quiet Sleep

Another feature of this base is the Quiet Sleep button which gently and slightly raises the head to reduce snoring and increases oxygen intake through more opened air passage ways.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Instead of using the remote why not use your phone instead!

USB Port

No more cords all over your room! The Invigorate Electric Adjustable has a USB port so that you can charge your phone or tablet through your bed!


This base offers a subtle underbed nightlight and a floor strip light to help guide you out of the room in the pitch of night without risking too much noise or injuries.

Wireless Remote with Flashlight

The AH Beard Enliven Adjustable base offers a wireless remote with an in-built flashlight to ensure that you don’t have to break that comfortable position to find the TV remote again.

Memory Button

The memory button allows for you to set your favourite or most frequent position so you can get comfortable at the click of a button. Here’s some ideas on favoured positions.

Other Notable Benefits

  • Wall Saver Feature (Can be placed almost directly against the wall with full functionality)
  • Headboard Compatibility
  • Height Adjustable Legs (7cm, 13cm, 20cm)
  • 400kg (per base) Weight Limit
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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