Downia Imperial Collection Quilt

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The Downia Imperial Collection Quilt is a premium quilt that features the ultimate in loft and comfort with an 85% European white goose down fill and a unique baffled construction that increases the loft and warmth of the quilt even further, resulting in unparalleled warmth and comfort for an incredible night’s sleep.

Downia Imperial Collection Quilt for warmth and comfort

Luxury filling

Goose down has a long tradition of use in bedding and is renowned for its incredible softness, loft and insulating properties.

The down clusters trap air and produce heat, keeping you toasty warm and comfortable on the coldest of nights. Down is also super lightweight, preventing the duvet from excess heaviness and overheating, allowing for extra ventilation as the weather gets warmer.

Downia Imperial Collection White Goose Down Quilt

European geese in particular are known for their superior soft and luxurious down, which make for delicate, yet plump duvets.

The Downia Imperial Collection Quilt is filled with 85% European white goose down cluster and up to 15% small feathers, making an excellent choice for use in Autumn, Spring and the coldest Winter months.

The baffled cassette construction ensures maximum loft for a luxurious and beautiful night’s sleep.

This quilt comes encased in a lightweight 380 thread count breathable down proof cotton casing and comes with a sumptuous satin bag for that extra touch of luxury.

Downia Imperial Collection Quilt

Sizes: Queen: 210 X 210 cm

King: 245 X 210 cm

Super King: 270 X 240 cm

Ideal For: Autumn, Spring, Winter

Fill: 85% European Goose Down

Cover: Cotton

Care: Quilt protector recommended

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