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Reverie 7S Electric Adjustable Base


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Reverie 7S Electric Adjustable Base

The Reverie 7S Electric Adjustable Base is the ultimate in luxurious living featuring everything from the famous Zero Gravity Position to Bluetooth compatibility with your phone.

This base is designed for a healthy lifestyle, promoting better back and shoulder support as well as faster muscle recovery times. If you’re ready to take your sleep to the next level than the Reverie 7S Electric Adjustable Base is exactly what you are looking for.

What’s Your Favourite Position?

Tired of sliding pillows, sore shoulders and poor posture?

The Head Up position allows for you to comfortably prop yourself up in bed while reading a book, binge watching your favourite TV series or just getting all of the latest updates from your social media besties. This position promotes better posture and overall a more comfortable and supportive pre sleep tradition.

Scientifically designed; the Zero Gravity position sets the head at 17° and the foot at 25° to put your body in a position the takes excess tension off your spine. This is the perfect position to relax in before sleep.

Nobody likes leg day let alone the day after leg day. Make it a little easier by putting your feet up and turning on the massage, this will relieve aching muscles and increase circulation throughout the body.

Need a little help getting out of bed? Program the head of the bed to raise in the morning with a light massage. No more noisy alarm jolting your body awake!

Not only does the Anti-Snore position give your partner some well deserved peace and quiet but it also helps you breathe easier at night allowing for a better, healthier and undisturbed sleep.

The luxurious 3D Wave massage soothes you to sleep and increases and stimulates blood flow. Relax better, sleep better.

Allergies got you down? Well let the Reverie 7S help lift you up... literally. Sleeping elevated helps relieve congestion meaning you’ll breathe easier while you’re getting some well earned zzz’s.

Turn on the under-bed nightlight. Tiptoe off to work or the fridge without waking your partner.

Whatever your flavor the Reverie 7S Electric Adjustable Base has it all. Don't delay, get the base designed for you.

Please note, only compatible mattresses can go on adjustable bases. If you would like to know if your current mattress is compatible with an adjustable base, contact one of our experienced Healthy Sleep Specialists today!