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SnoreBeGone Anti-Snore Pillow Body Positioning System

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Protect-A-Bed’s SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System is one of the most revolutionary anti-snore products in the market place; it combines the perfect balance of postural and spinal support with surprising comfort.

The unique design allows for your body to comfortably be positioned to sleep on your side allowing air passage ways to remain open for easier breathing and elevated preventing gravitational collapse of airways.

How Does It Work

SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System has been designed to target the triggers of snoring.

It’s called a positioning system for good reason. It has been designed to alter your body position that reduces the contributory factors for snoring – a problem that affects over 30% of Australians.

As you can see its far more than a pillow and doesn’t just focus on your shoulders and neck. It elevates your entire body and promotes side sleeping which in itself reduces the incidence of snoring. It also helps keep your airways open which are what causes the noise associated with snoring. It does this by elevating your shoulders and neck and the weight of your body keeps the system in place. There are adjustable headrests and arm rests which enhance comfort and a special recess channel for your arm so that your body weight does not affect the comfort of your arm whilst sleeping.

What causes Snoring?

Snoring is caused by restricted airflow through the airways of the nose and throat. When sleeping one's sleep position, sleep stage and various other factors may cause vibration of the tissues in these airways and the reverberating noises are the noise that is termed snoring. This can be exacerbated by alcohol and other medical conditions.

The Effects of Snoring

Snoring may not be as benign as some people think. Snoring will affect ones quality of sleep and also that of one’s partner. Disturbed or lack of sleep can result in a reduced quality of life and may impact ones' efficiency and effectiveness in everyday life. This may also lead to higher risks for cardiac disease, depression and anxiety, diabetes and other ailments. Snoring may also be a symptom of and precursor to Sleep Apnoea a more serious sleep disorder.

The headrest is even removable, so if you find that your pillow is more comfortable you can simply remove the headrest altogether.

Detachable and Adjustable Headrest

The SnoreBeGone® headrest has 5 uniquely adjustable positions allowing you to personalize your sleeping position to maximize comfort based on your body type.

Shoulder and Arm Recess Channel

The shoulder and arm recess is perfectly designed to minimize the stress of body weight on one of your bodies biggest high pressure areas. This recess also ensures that you do not compress your arm which can cause pins and needles or loss of feeling in the limbs; a common cause of broken or interrupted sleep.

IIncline and Weight Support

This section of the SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System supports the lower half of the body, an area that commonly holds the majority of the body’s weight. The SnoreBeGone® comes in two different weight recommendations (under 90kg and over 90kg), the Incline and Weight Support varies in density to ensure that every body type is supported to promote a happier and healthier sleep.

Extension Cushion

The Extension Cushion is designed to act as a transitioning section between the Sleep Positioning System and your mattress minimizing slide and eliminating impact from a height difference.

Arm Support Extensions

These Velcro attached extensions provide a comfortable resting place for your arm and hand after it exits the Shoulder and Arm Recess Channel. They can be attached width or length ways to provide a shorter or longer resting platform ensuring you are comfortable that regardless of your individual body type.

Two Arm Support Extensions are provide with each SnoreBeGone® and velcroed on to either or both sides of the Sleep Positioning System.

Built to Last

The SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System is backed by a 3 year guarantee to ensure that your anti-snore sleep is un-disturbed for years to come.

We are so confident that Protect-A-Bed’s SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System will help you that we’ve backed it with our 120 Night Money Back Guarantee*.

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Lester R.
Australia Australia

SnoreBeGone sleeping pillow system

Having slept with CPAP assist at middle-pressure settings I was amazed that from the first night on the pillow system with no CPAP use my wife told me I did not snore. During the few months that I have been using the system without the machine I do snore mildly for periods some nights. That seems to be when my head lowers across the pillow head bench towards my chest, so I need to keep a hand or small towel roll against my forehead to prevent that. We bought a SnoreBeGone for our 2 sons as gifts because we were impressed.

Lester R.
Australia Australia

It works for me. Lester

SnoreBeGone sleeping system worked immediately from the first night for me, though after one week I am still getting used to the flat platform shape of the headrest because I always shaped a softer pillow for best comfort. So I had ceased using the CPAP machine right away.


Fantastic product

I bought this for my son who had serious sleep apnoea. He had major surgery for the condition .That corrected the problem when he slept on his side but if/when he turned over the surgery had made no difference at all. He has been using the pillow for about 2 weeks and the improvement is amazing. Last night was 99% silent and 1% light noise. This compares with pre-pillow , post-op of 53% silent,,22% light ,17% loud, and 8% epic. The post-op results were disappointing and alarming. . The pillow results are so good