How do I know which is the right mattress for me?

-          The RIGHT MATTRESS is one that has a good support system suitable for your body frame and provides excellent pressure relief. Spring system technology has come a long way since the standard ‘innerspring’, and different combinations enhance the choice. Comfort layers comprise foams, latex and gels, and an understanding of the benefits of each is helpful. Always allow plenty of time to try out mattresses, and a good understanding of your own needs can be as simple as filling out the 5Ps of mattress selection. 

What kinds of mattresses do you have?

-          At Mattress & Pillow Science our range covers almost every type of technology in support and comfort. Importantly, our sleep consultants take time to listen and understand any health issues you may have, and your particular needs and desires, and narrow down your selection to two or three ‘best suited’ mattresses.

What happens when my husband is tall and large, and I am small and short?

-          Funnily enough, this is not the problem it appears to be! It is important that we recommend an appropriate support system to meet your husband’s frame, but the comfort component is very much an individual choice based on feel. A good pocket spring support system will mean there is virtually no partner disturbance, and a quality comfort layer of latex, foam or memory foam (or a combination) that ensures correct spinal alignment – and, importantly, your comfort, is matched to the feel you prefer.

Where are these mattresses made?

-          All our mattresses are made in Melbourne. We work closely with several manufacturers, often recommending changes to components to improve the comfort and meet our customers’ feedback. It is important you choose a mattress made in Melbourne, should there be any Warranty issues. You also have the assurance of our complete understanding of the properties of each mattress we select for our showrooms.

How long is the lead-time to getting a mattress?

-          We keep a few popular mattresses and sizes in stock, but most of our mattresses are ordered at time of sale. Because they are made locally, lead-time is usually 5-10 business days, but do allow longer over the Easter and Christmas breaks.

Are these mattresses supportive without being too firm?

-          Your ideal mattress needs to be supportive, but also have a good comfort layer (this is usually a separate pillow-top) so that it provides good pressure relief and is not too firm or too soft. Even if you prefer a ‘firm’ mattress, the pressure relief component is important – a marriage of support and comfort.

Will my current base be ok, or do I need to purchase a new one?

-          We recommend a flat slat base for all our mattresses. Slats should be no more than 6cm apart to allow ventilation and avoid build-up of condensation.A flat surface ensures the springs are performing consistently across the length and breadth of the mattress. Your warranty may be compromised if your mattress is placed on a different surface, as well as the performance and feel. We carry a range of bases in micro-suede and linen-look fabrics, with and without drawers, at very reasonable prices.

What is the difference between Latex and Visco-Elastic?

-          Latex is a natural product that provides excellent pressure-relief without the more encompassing feel of Visco-Elastic (Memory Foam), which is a synthetic product. We have developed a detailed section on the properties of these materials which will give you more information (link). Unless you have a particular desire for a ‘natural’ product, it is very much a question of feel. Both are excellent for comfort and are used extensively, often in combination, in pillow-tops.

Will I have improved sleep, and will it help my snoring?

-          It is imperative that your mattress and pillow are supportive and comfortable in order to achieve a great night’s sleep. We cannot be responsible for poor sleep due to other causes! As for snoring, learning to sleep on your side and with the support of an excellent pillow should assist in reducing your snoring. But there are many factors that cause snoring and you may need to seek medical attention.

Will I wake up NOT feeling sore all over, like I have been hit by a bus each night?

Chances are that your current mattress is old and firm and over the years the comfort components and the spring system have deteriorated? So a new mattress that suits you and feels great will indeed reduce the risk of soreness in the morning.  Certainly we have many happy customers who tell us that they wake up feeling marvellous!  However, if soreness persists, it is important you talk to a health professional to identify the cause.