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SnoreBeGone Anti-Snore Pillow Body Positioning System

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Price: $399.00


What causes Snoring?

Snoring is caused by restricted airflow through the airways of the nose and throat. When sleeping one's sleep position, sleep stage and various other factors may cause vibration of the tissues in these airways and the reverbetory noises are the noise that is termed snoring. This can be exasorbated by alcohol and other medical conditioins.

The Effects of Snoring

Snoring may not be as benign as some people think. Snoring will affect ones quality of sleep and also that of ones partner. Distrurbed or lack of sleep can result in a reduced quality of life and may impact ones' efficency and effictiveness in everyday life. This may also lead to higher risks for cardiac disease, depression and anxiety, diabetes and other ailments. Snoring may also be a symptom of and precursor to Sleep Apnea a more serious sleep disorder.

What is SnoreBeGone - Anti Snoring Pillow?

Ones sleep position is fundemental in the reduction and elimination of snoring. Increased weight around the throat area blocks the airways of the nose and throat and the result is snoring. The SnoreBeGone Anti-Snore Body Positioning System places the body in a comfortable yet effective position to reduce or stop snoring. SnoreBeGone makes it comfortable for one's torso to be aligned with ones neck and shoulders in a side sleeping position whilst elevating the body to avoid the gravitational collapse of the airways - the main cause of snoring.

Wake Up Refreshed (Both you and your partner)

SnoreBeGone's elevated comfortable sleep system ensures that you are elevated at an angle that is both comfortable and effective in reducing pressure and stress on the airwaves of the throat and neck. This allows for the un-interupted flow of air and reductiion or elimination in the incidence of snoring.

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