Bamboo- Nature's Gift

Bamboo- Nature's Gift - Mattress & Pillow Science

Why is bamboo becoming so popular?

At first glance it there seems to be an endless amount of bedding options on the market but more and more people seem to be turning to bamboo when it comes to choosing a material for your pillow, quilt or protector.

Bamboo has captured the attention of many because of its versatility; this all natural product brings with it numerous advantages which will improve your sleeping conditions.

Another thing that sets bamboo apart from its competition is how environmentally friendly the material is. Consumers are more concerned than ever about their impact on the environment and Bamboo is often the most sustainable choice.



One of the most notable attributes of the bamboo plant is that it’s naturally anti-bacterial. This comes as a welcome change to other products which may have to use chemicals during the production process to achieve the same effect.

Anti-bacterial properties are helpful when it comes to items such as pillows which get extended use or mattress protectors as the bamboo will prevent any unwanted bacteria from reaching your mattress.


Not only does bamboo help fight bacteria but it is an excellent option for sensitive sleepers thanks to its hypoallergenic properties.

As a natural material there is less chance of any reactions to non-natural materials or chemicals. Its other properties such as moisture absorption also help prevent the likes of dust mites by creating an cleaner sleeping environment so they can’t flourish.

So if you find yourself having a reaction to your sheets or quilts try a bamboo product as a natural alternative.

Improved sleeping conditions

Moisture absorption

Another area bamboo tops other materials in is moisture absorption, while you sleep your body will perspire and if it is not dealt with you will be left clammy and uncomfortable.

Thankfully bamboo is extremely absorbent, not only does it absorb more liquid than a material like cotton, but it does it at a faster rate. This makes it perfect for dealing with hotter temperatures and is a main reason why bamboo is used in many summer quilts.

Temperature control

Bamboo is a very breathable material, the makeup of its fibres allows for fantastic airflow. This in turn helps whatever product the bamboo is used in to regulate the temperature in your bed.

This breathability combined with bamboo’s moisture wicking ability allows the material to regulate the temperature in bed and keep you comfortable whether it is hot or cold outside.


On top of creating a comfortable sleeping environment, bamboo also feels comfortable. It is extremely soft and smooth and feels wonderful on your skin.

Its durability also allows it to retain this comfortable feeling for extended periods of time; you know you will be able to rely on your bamboo product for years to come.

Environmentally friendly

The considerations of shoppers have when making a purchase extends beyond just price and quality these days. For many the environmental impact of their purchase is playing a larger role in their decision.

This is why many are turning to bamboo products; bamboo is an extremely sustainable product because of the many advantages it has compared to other materials both natural and man-made.

Bamboo is grows fast and grows large so fewer resources are required to achieve the same yield as other natural crops. It also has a dense growth so it uses less land and the farming practices used to grow bamboo are much more sustainable.

If that wasn’t enough, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent tree helping to soak up more carbon dioxide. It is also biodegradable so you know your bamboo sheets it won’t have a negative effect on the environment once you are done with them.

Take a look at our extensive range of bamboo incorporated products now.

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