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Mattress Toppers & Overlays

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep, a mattress topper might be just the thing you need to create a bed you’ll yearn to return to every night. With various options to choose from, you can adjust the level of support your mattress provides you and enjoy a higher level of comfort. 

Our extensive range of mattress toppers

From single to super king beds, we stock an expansive collection of mattress toppers and overlays for every bed in your home. With a wide range of different options and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your unique sleeping preferences. These include:

  • WoolWoolen mattress topper overlays are fantastic for sensitive sleepers. Wool is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect option for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Its natural fibres promote air circulation and don’t trap heat during summer. 
  • Memory foam — Ideal for pairing with Comfort Sleep beds, memory foam mattress toppers provide that additional layer of support and comfort. By conforming to the shape of your body, these toppers take the pressure off your joints and promote a healthier sleeping posture. 
  • Microfibre — If you prefer a cosy bed perfect for snuggling in at night, a microfibre mattress topper will give you extra comfort at affordable prices. 

The benefits of mattress topper overlays

As we age, the level of support and comfort we require at night changes also. With our range of mattress toppers, you can add a softer layer to a firm mattress or provide additional cushioning to a sagging or ageing innerspring mattress. Additionally, mattress toppers overlays relieve the pressure on your mattress’ spring system — prolonging the life of your mattress and ensuring you get the maximum enjoyment out of your bed.

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With a wide range of leading bed brands, there’s no better place to buy mattress toppers than Mattress & Pillow Science. In addition to our mattress topper overlays, we stock an extensive range of bedding products — perfect for creating a bed that’ll give you a restorative sleep, including mattress and pillow protectors, bedding, mattresses, pillows, quilts and more. 

If you need help selecting a mattress topper suitable for your preferred sleeping environment, talk to the experts today — we’re always happy to help. 


Which type of mattress topper is best?

There is no best mattress topper per se, just one that is best for you. We have a selection of mattress overlays in various materials that will create different sleeping environments. From memory foam mattress toppers that conform to your body, down and feather toppers for a more luxurious setting or woollen mattress overlays to add extra warmth, you’ll find an option to suit your needs and preferences.

What does a mattress topper overlay do?

A mattress topper overlay provides you with additional layers of support — making your bed more comfortable and relieving pressure on your back. Whether you find your existing mattress is starting to sag or its not as supportive as it once was, a mattress topper might be the perfect solution for you.

Are memory foam mattress toppers good?

Memory foam mattress topper overlays offer superior back support. Conforming to the shape of your body,  memory foam mattress toppers relieve pressure points and promote a healthier sleeping posture. 

Is a mattress topper overlay worth it?

A quality mattress topper allows you to change the feel of your mattress in an instant. If you find your pocket spring mattress is beginning to sag and no longer provides the same level of comfort you used to enjoy, add a topper to create a softer, plush bed setting.

Additionally, mattress topper overlays protect your investment in your mattress. Sitting on top of your mattress, they reduce pressure on your mattress’ springs to delay any sagging and wear and tear and as many toppers are easily washable, it acts as a buffer to absorb any sweat from hot summer nights.