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High Pillows

High pillows for sleepers with a larger body frame. QQuick Australia-Wide delivery - Low Flat Rate Shipping or FREE over $150 to help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. Buy online now!

High Profile Pillows For Larger Body Frames

When choosing the right pillow for your needs and comfort, you should ask yourself: what height pillow is right for me?

Here at Mattress & Pillow Science we pride ourselves on offering a range of pillows in high, medium and low profiles to suit your individual needs.

We stock pillows from only the best quality Australian and international suppliers including Alastairs, Ardor, Bambi, Dentons, Downessa, Downia, Dunlopillo, Easyrest, Kelly&Windsor and Mini Jumbuk.

As well as the feel – soft, medium or firm – you should consider whether you want a high profile, medium profile or low profile pillow.

High profile pillows are a great choice for those with medium or larger builds and broad shoulders as they provide adequate support for your head and neck, ensuring your spine is optimally aligned.

Our high profile pillows come in a range of different fills for your maximum comfort – whether it’s a supportive gel or memory foam pillow, fluffy feather pillow or light, breathable bamboo pillow, you’re sure to find the right pillow for you.

Having trouble picking? Speak to one of our Healthy Sleep Specialists to get expert advice.

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