Our Philosophy


We are extremely passionate about our mattresses, pillows and other sleep solutions and believe that each item we have is the best in its class . We only use the finest quality materials and take no shortcuts. Should you find a more comfortable item elsewhere in the same class as the one you are trying from us, please let us know – we are always willing to learn and improve.


Our mattresses and pillows are our salesforce, and our consultants are trained purely to guide you through the process and help you find the mattress and pillow that you have dreamed of.

Our Pricing

We are always most aware and take great lengths to ensure our prices are low in the same way as we ensure our quality is high. Because of our unique relationship with manufacturers, we are able to provide extremely competitive pricing. You get the service and you get the price.

Our Customers

A large proportion of our customers are referrals from back care health professionals. We encourage any feedback that you have so that we can continue to improve our service both to you, our customer, and to the health professional.