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    Flexi Pillow

    Flexi Pillow - Alleve

    Original Price $139.00
    Current Price $119.00
    7 reviews

      Flexi Pillow Alleve Contour   The Flexi Pillow Contour Range was initially designed to be sold by back care professionals, but is now available ...

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    Flexi Pillow

    Flexi Pillow - Harmony

    Original Price $139.00
    Current Price $119.00
    23 reviews

      Flexi Pillow Harmony   The Flexi Pillow Harmony Pillow was initially designed to be sold by back care professionals, but is now available at man...

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    Dentons Anti-Snore Pillow

    Original Price $129.95
    Current Price $109.95
    1 review

    Designed for back sleepers, the Dentons Anti-Snore Pillow is recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors, with a unique high contour shape th...

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    Technogel® Deluxe Pillow

    Original Price $249.00
    Current Price $209.00

    Technogel ® Deluxe Pillow A classic or traditionally shaped pillow in two heights – great for side or back sleepers. Spinal Support in a Classic...

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Want a better, healthier night’s sleep? Choose from our great range of ultra-comfortable Memory Foam, Latex, Gel, Feather and Polyester pillows. Quick Australia-wide delivery Low flat rate shipping or FREE over $150. Buy online!

Pillow Types

There are two types of pillows: sleeping pillows and special needs pillows. There are also many different types of material that pillows are made from including visco-elastic memory foam, polyester, down, gel and latex.


Sleeping Pillows

Because we work extensively with health professionals we are mainly concerned about pillows that help provide a great night’s sleep with enhanced comfort and good sleeping posture. This is largely achieved by sleeping on the correct ‘Contour Pillow’ which is also referred to as a Neck or Cervical Pillow.


  • Contour Pillows

Cervical or Contour are shaped to accommodate the natural contours of the head, neck and in certain cases the shoulders. They are usually higher at one side and drop in the centre where the head sits. This provides for greater support under the neck as well as comfortable positioning of the cervical spine and for this reason they are also often known as neck pillows. Contour pillows are usually made from foam, memory foam, gel or latex, or a combination. When these pillows are used to help alleviate a medical condition such as jaw tension and pain, headaches, migraines, insomnia, shoulder pain, snoring, sleep apnoea and other conditions they may be referred to as Orthopaedic or Therapeutic Pillows.


  • Classic Pillows

Classic Pillows are pillows without a contour. These may be good for sleeping on your back or tummy (which is not recommended under most circumstances). Generally a contour pillow is preferred for a better, healthier sleep posture as a classic styled pillow will not provide the same level of support to your neck.


Special Needs Pillows

A special needs pillow is one that has been designed for a specific purpose. These include the dynamically-shaped Sona anti-snore pillow for sleep apnea sufferers, pillows designed for pregnancy or breast-feeding, and pillows designed to assist back sufferers. Usually made from foams, they are uniquely shaped and purpose-designed.

We are continually reviewing existing and new product available to bring you a comprehensive range.


Materials commonly used in pillows

We have put together a summary of the many materials that make up pillows today, used alone or in combination.


Visco-Elastic – Memory Foam Pillows

Visco-elastic is the result of adding chemicals to polyurethane that increase its viscosity level, thereby increasing its density. Depending on the chemicals used and its overall density, it is firmer in cool temperatures and softer when warm. Higher density visco-elastic foam reacts to body heat which allows it to mould itself to the shape of a warm body within a few minutes. Lower density visco-elastic foam is pressure-sensitive and will mould more quickly to the shape of the body. The example often used to demonstrate visco-elastic properties is a hand pressed into the foam and then removed, leaving a clear impression in the foam. The main advantage of visco-elastic pillows is that by moulding to your shape, they help achieve neutral spinal alignment quickly and comfortably. Visco-elastic is often referred to as ‘memory foam’.


Latex Pillows

Latex is a milky white liquid that is extracted from the rubber tree, Heveabrasiliensis. This is obtained by tapping into the bark of the tree and collecting the residual resin. This milky white sap contains small rubber particles dispersed in water, which is then converted into a moulded pillow by adding certain fillers and chemicals. The level of chemicals added determines to what extent the latex pillow can be considered a natural latex pillow.


Feather Pillows

Feathers have quills and are two-dimensional in appearance. They are the rigid plumage found on the exterior of waterfowl, and can range in size from one inch to several inches. Down is found on the belly of ducks and geese and is the light fluffy coating clustered beneath the feathers of waterfowl that protect them from the elements. Feather and down pillows may be very comfortable and warm, but they offer very little support for the neck and spine


Polyester Pillows

These pillows are filled with tiny polyester particles and filled to various heights and densities that will help alter the feel of the pillow. This used to be the dominant filling; however, In recent times high tech foams and latex have become more popular, largely due to being more resilient and offering better support.


Gel Pillows

Gel is made from Silicone or Polyurethane materials. By nature Gel is neither a solid, nor a liquid, and its substance provides the benefit of body temperature regulation. It is used more and more in mattresses and pillows for its cooling properties as well as its ability to offer wonderful pressure relief.

Why Choose Pillow Science

Do you need a high-quality pillow, but you just cannot find the right one? Here at Mattress & Pillow Science, we value a good night’s sleep above anything else. We made it our mission to help you improve your sleep. How do we do it? We have excellent high-quality pillows. Your perfect pillow is just one click away. 

We are aware that you might not have enough time to research the best pillow for you. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! We did all the science!

To make the shopping as convenient as possible, you can buy pillows online from the comfort of your home. Yes, we are based in Melbourne, but our company delivers Australia-wide. No matter where you live, we’ll be able to reach you and provide the perfect pillow for you.

High-Quality Pillows For Everyones’ Needs

Here at Mattress & Pillow Science, we know that the best, and most comfortable pillow is not a general term. What’s best, softest, and most convenient for some people may not be the best option for you. This is because you have unique needs. 

We want to promote healthy sleep, and a pillow has to reflect those needs. To help our fellow Australians, we decided to expand our pillows online Australia offer. If you want to buy a pillow online, we are confident that you will find a pillow that you need with us.

Unique Requirements

Our online pillow offer includes pillows built to reflect particular requirements. Whether you need a pillow for neck pain, anti-snore pillows, a kids pillow, or adjustable pillows, you can find it right here in our online shop.

Pillows For Comfort

In our efforts to deliver the most comfortable pillows to our customers, we have included firm, medium, and soft pillows in our offer.

Pillows By Height

Some people need a pillow that has a particular height. We are confident that you will find the right one for you among our low, medium, and high pillows

Pillows for Every Sleep Style

Are you a side, back, or tummy sleeper? Did you know that there is a pillow that matches your sleep style so that you can get all the rest that you need? Our side, back, and tummy sleeper pillows offers are definitely worth your time if you need a pillow that promotes healthy sleep in your favourite sleep position.

Pillows Made of Various Materials

Our offer is not exclusively based on pillow shapes and sizes. To promote healthy sleep and help you find a pillow from your dreams, we included pillows made of high-quality materials. In our shop, you can find bamboo, memory foam, latex, gel, feather pillows, and more!

Pillows In a Variety of Shapes

Whether you want a high-quality contour, traditional, European, or king pillow, you will be able to find it in our shop. Get the shape that enables you to get proper support, and you can say goodbye to sleepless nights. We even feature body pillows built to promote correct spinal alignment for that extra support and comfort.

Why Choose Mattress & Pillow Science?

Mattress & Pillow Science is the number one resource of high-quality pillows online. We work hand in hand with the most reputable brands in the industry to deliver the best sleep solutions to you. Our offer is extensive. Paired with excellent customer service and flexible return policies, it helped us become the leader in the field and establish ourselves as healthy sleep specialists.

To further delight our customers, we deliver our state-of-the-art pillows Australia-wide at affordable prices. We have a flat shipping rate, and if you order over $150, we will deliver your order to your doorstep for free. Our pillow offer is just one chapter in our “healthier and better sleep” book. Feel free to take a look at our mattresses and bed bases as well. 


What pillow brands do we stock?

Here at Mattress & Pillow Science, we stock pillows coming from top pillow brands, including Flexi Pillow, Somna Medica, Bambi, Dentons, Downia, Kelly & Windsor, Minijumbuk, Easyrest, Neck Therapie, Tempur, and Technogel. 

How long will it take for me to receive my high-quality pillow?

To help you get your hands on your favourite pillow as soon as possible, we implemented the Same Day Despatch policy for most of the pillows in our shop. We use the Australia Post E-Parcel system to deliver your high-quality pillow. It usually takes a couple of workdays for your order to arrive. However, it may take longer if you live in a rural area. 

How can a high-quality pillow help me?

Here at Mattress & Pillow Science, we don’t take a “high-quality pillow” as marketing jargon. All pillows on our website are the result of years-long scientific research. One of our high-quality pillows will help you improve your sleep habits, get rid of the tension in your neck muscles, and enjoy a good night's sleep.