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Gel Pillows

Gel Pillows

Ideal for hot sleepers, our cool gel pillow range is perfect for the coolest comfort as well as exceptional pressure relief. Flat fee delivery Australia-wide only $9.95 or FREE.DELIVERY over $150. Buy online now!

  1. Sömna Medica™ Flexi Pillow Gel Contour

    Flexi Pillow - Gel Contour With Bamboo

    Price: $139.00

    When you need a pillow that helps cool the sleeping surface then Gel is the answer. Available in both classic and contour designs, our memory foam Gel pillows are topped with a layer of Gel, and gently mould, support and cool even the hottest sleeper. The contour shape encourages side sleeping to assist breathing and reduce snoring. It comes with a foam insert so that the pillow can be adjusted to suit all body frames. The perfect choice for the coolest comfort as well as exceptional pressure relief.

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  2. Flexi Pillow   - Gel Classic With Bamboo

    Flexi Pillow - Gel Classic With Bamboo

    Price: $139.00

    Flexi Gel Classic Pillow is made from the highest quality 80kg/m3 pressure-relieving memory foam giving you a stress-free, soothing sleep. Its Cool Gel Pad, set into the visco elastic memory foam, provides cool relief for hot sleepers as well as giving excellent pressure relief. Turn the pillow over, and you have a gentle indentation to cushion your head. A truly unique pillow.

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Getting all hot and bothered when sleeping at night? Get cool with gel!

At Mattress & Pillow Science, our fantastic cool gel pillows combine the comfort and support of pressure relieving visco-elastic memory foam with a top layer of gel, providing excellent pressure relief that cools even the hottest sleeper.


The cool solution for hot sleepers

Our gel pillows come in both contour and classic shapes. Our Gel Contour pillow is ideal for side sleepers, and comes with an additional foam pad allowing for height adjustment. For back and tummy sleepers and those who prefer a standard pillow shape, the Flexi Gel Classic is a great option, with one side topped with the cooling gel pad, and the other side a gentle concave where your head rests.

How do they work?

Our gel pillows has a hydrogel pad which sits on top of the visco-elastic. This cools the body temperature and provides relief to hot sleepers. The higher the density of memory foam, the slower it responds to pressure and takes longer to return to its original shape once the pressure has been removed. The lower the density, the quicker it is to respond to pressure and return to its original shape. The advantage of visco-elastic pillows is that they gently mould to your shape and help you achieve neutral spinal alignment quickly and comfortably.


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