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  • Save 22%

    Bambi Tencel Baby Cot Pillow

    Original Price $30.00
    Current Price $23.52
    1 review

    This product harnesses the advantages of the natural, ‘new age’ fibre Tencel to give your child a low-height, supportive pillow. Ideal for babies...

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  • Save 11%

    Bambi Ingeo Toddler Pillow

    Original Price $44.95
    Current Price $39.82

    This pillow is the natural next step for your toddler’s sleeping experience as it is the ideal first “full size” pillow for toddlers. Extra suppo...

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  • Save 15%

    Bambi Ingeo Junior Pillow

    Original Price $44.95
    Current Price $38.37

    Growing children have different needs when it comes to finding the perfect night’s sleep and this unique pillow addresses them excellently. Low p...

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  • Save 26%

    Bambi Boomerang Pillow

    Original Price $99.00
    Current Price $73.32

    Proudly made in Australia, the Bambi Boomerang Pillow is a V-shaped pillow that’s perfect for that extra bit of support as you’re sitting in bed. ...

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  • Save 18%

    Bambi Memory Fibre Pillow

    Original Price $69.00
    Current Price $56.27

    This Bambi Memory Fibre Pillow is made with high-tech memory fibre, a high quality microfibre offering superior breathability as well as spinal ali...

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  • Save 5%

    Bambi Latex & Down Pillow

    Original Price $269.95
    Current Price $256.52

    The Bambi Superior Latex & Down Pillow is a medium profile pillow that features all the luxurious comfort of goose feather and down while provi...

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Our Bambi pillow range includes luxurious feather pillows, light and refreshing bamboo pillows, latex pillows and memory foam pillows for neck or back pain. Quick Australia-wide delivery Low flat rate shipping or FREE over $150. Buy online!

Founded on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Bambi are now one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality bedding, known for not only quality, but innovation. Bambi boasts a huge pillow range, so whether you’re looking for a luxurious feather pillow, light and refreshing bamboo, or a latex or memory foam pillow for your neck or back pain, you’ll be sure to find the best pillow for you.

Bambi have built up a reputation for over 30 years for excellence in bedding, with a dedication to comfort, quality and innovation to producing fantastic pillows that ensure a refreshing night’s sleep.

Here at Mattress and Pillow Science we stock a great range of Bambi pillows in all shapes and sizes, in quality materials from the luxurious, insulating loft of goose feather and down, to pillows made from cutting-edge Tencel, Ingeo and bamboo fills and fabrics, as well as latex and memory foam pillows for extra support.

Bambi’s focus on innovation has utilised the latest technology to produce latex and memory foam pillows that offer an excellent level of extra support for sufferers of neck and back pain.  These cutting-edge, durable pillows offer relief for chronic pain and don’t need fluffing. They also mould to your head and neck to create a comfort level that is uniquely yours.

As well as these mouldable supportive pillows, Bambi also boasts a range of pillows made with new, eco-friendly fabrics made from renewable plant fibres. Tencel is an organic fabric made from wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests and plantations. 

Having trouble picking? Speak to one of our Healthy Sleep Specialists to get expert advice.

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