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Kids Pillows

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    Bambi Ingeo Junior Pillow

    Original Price $44.95
    Current Price $38.37

    Growing children have different needs when it comes to finding the perfect night’s sleep and this unique pillow addresses them excellently. Low p...

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    Dentons Dream Junior Pillow

    Original Price $54.95
    Current Price $49.95

    This pillow is a great option for all the little sleepers out there, its fluffy and comfortable feel will have them asleep as soon as their head hi...

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Choose from our range of healthy sleep kids' neck pillows for fast-growing bodies. Also suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers. Quick Australia-Wide delivery Low Flat Rate Shipping or FREE over $150 to help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. Buy online now!

Best Pillow For Kids? Our Range Has Been Specially Designed For Growing Heads, Necks And Shoulders

Children typically sleep for 10-13 hours a day, so getting the best pillow for them is crucial for their growth and development. As a general rule, children start using a pillow when they move from a cot into a bed. At this stage they tend to move around a lot in their sleep and, given their small frames, need a slim profile pillow to support their head. As they move into adolescence and teenage years - depending on their build - a more supportive pillow with a higher profile, is generally more suitable.

Our range of kids pillows are ideal for children of all ages. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials including polyester, supportive memory foam (ideal for kids neck pillows), and eco-friendly bamboo and latex. Our kids pillows are allergy-friendly and dust mite resistant, offering soothing comfort for young skin.