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Tummy Sleeper Pillows

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Tummy Sleeper Pillows

Looking for the best pillow for tummy sleepers? Sleep better tonight with a super-comfortable tummy sleeper pillow. Quick Australia-Wide delivery - Low Flat Rate Shipping or FREE over $150 to help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. Buy online now!

Roughly 16 percent of the population prefer to sleep on their stomach. While this might be the most comfortable position for you, it can cause strain on your spine, putting pressure on your back and neck joints.

Another issue for tummy sleepers is breathing in allergens in the pillow, so the best choice of a pillow for tummy sleepers is one that’s hypoallergenic and resistant to unwanted visitors like dust mites and bacteria.

Pillows with a slightly inclined surface may help you with proper spinal alignment. Soft pillows are also good for tummy sleepers as they provide a gentle slope which doesn’t strain the neck muscles. 

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