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Memory Foam Mattresses

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Memory Foam Mattresses

Designed for optimal support, comfort and pressure relief, a mattress with visco-elastic memory foam is an excellent option for back pain relief. Ask our expert sleep consultants about choosing the best memory foam mattress for you. Buy online now!

Suffering from back pain? Choose a Memory Foam Mattress for the ultimate in support, comfort and pressure relief

Memory foam - or visco-elastic as it is also known – is used for both support and comfort in mattresses. It feels highly supportive, yet ‘gives’ around pressure points to create the feeling of cushioned support. Memory Foam Mattresses are an extremely popular choice amongst sufferers of backpain. Like latex, partner movements are dampened and thus partner disturbance is kept to a minimum. Visco-elastic comes in a range of densities, and is used alone or in combination with latex and other materials.

For mattresses enhanced with memory foam, call now or buy online and experience the Mattress & Pillow Science difference for yourself.


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