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Vogue Pocket Spring Mattress Medium

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Comfort Sleep Sömna Medica Vogue

Style meets support and comfort with Comfort Sleep’s Sömna Medica™ Vogue. This exquisite mattress is filled with some of the finest materials which push the edge of mattress technology so you can have the best night’s sleep.

The 5 zoned ContourTech™ Spring System core of the mattress will deliver an incredible amount of support with more than 600 coils (Queen) used to contour to your body. The pocket coils also offer a firmer lumber zone for extra back support and reduced partner disturbance for an uninterrupted sleep.

This system is surrounded by a number of other layers all designed to improve sleeping conditions so you get the best experience when you go to bed.

5 zoned ContourTech™ Spring System

The Comfort Sleep’s Sömna Medica™ Vogue excels in giving you the perfect amount of support for your body with its 5 zoned ContourTech™ Spring System

It contains hundreds of 22cm pocket coils, all ready to compress and adjust the pressure of your body. Each individual spring is able to act independently so every inch of your body will get its own personalised level of support. These springs a further separated into five zones, to target the main areas of your body that require support including the head and neck, shoulders and hips.

This design will help combat any pain you might have while you sleep.

Overall this creates an excellent level of body contouring while providing conforming comfort and minimising partner disturbance. The springs are also extremely durable so they will support you for years to come.

Gel Memory Foam

The latest in bedding technology has been used in this layer to develop some essential characteristics of the Comfort Sleep’s Sömna Medica™ Vogue. Australian made liquid gel has been combined with state of the art memory foam for excellent results.

This layer provides a cool and breathable sleep surface while offering outstanding pressure relief for your body. The material’s ability to contour to your body will assist in providing targeted relief to pain and specific pressure points.

Coolex breathable technology

The final layer of materials on top of the spring system is the premium comfort layer made from high density comfort foam. This foam features Coolex breathable technology, a unique, anti-microbial construction within the foam layer that will dramatically increase the airflow and breathability, reducing tossing and turning during the night.

This comes as an added bonus to the already impressive features of the comfort layer. The material is body contouring and has a high resilience so it will support you for a long time to come. Its open cell formula also aids in breathability and temperature control.

The foam is also GECA certified so not only is it good for the environment but it is good for your sleeping environment and is ideal for sensitive sleepers.


Comfort is not just about a soft feel when you lay down. One of the most important aspects if any mattress is the ability to create the optimal sleeping conditions and the layer of Quiltec™ used in this mattress plays that role.

This high resilience comfort layer creates an optimal sleeping temperature through mattress breathability and airflow. This thermo-regulation ability will keep you satisfied for years to come as the layer retains exceptional bounce back after years of use.

Edge Boost Foam Box Wall

Encasing the inner coils of the Comfort Sleep Sömna Medica™ Vogue is the EdgeBoost foam box wall. It provides is a wall of ultra-firm, high density, highly resilient foam on the outer layers.

This wall allows you to sleep right to the edge of the mattress while staying totally supported. No more feeling like you’ll slide off the mattress and no more hard edges.

Premium Knit

The finishing touch on this mattress is the final layer of premium knit. This soft exterior gives the immediate feel of comfort. It also plays a role in protecting the mattress and will take the brunt of any spills or accidents protecting the important internal components of your mattress.

Adjustable base compatible

The Comfort Sleep Sömna Medica™ Vogue is compatible with the OSO range of adjustable bases. These bases allow you to adjust your mattress into a range of positions which can help with circulation, injury recovery, pain relief, snoring and more.

The Comfort Sleep Sömna Medica™ Vogue offers a premium level of support with is advanced spring system ensuring you get a great quality sleep. Innovative technology is used in each layer of the mattress to deliver amazing pressure relief and comfort which is and all backed with a 10 year guarantee and Mattress & Pillow Science’s 30 Day Sleep Satisfaction Promise, Australia-wide delivery and Free Delivery to Metro MELBOURNE!

(BRISBANE, SYDNEY & ADELAIDE Metro starting from $39). Invest in a better sleep. Buy Online Now!

Australian Standard Mattress Sizes

Single 92cm x 187cm
Long Single 92cm x 203cm
King Single 106cm x 203cm
Double 137cm x 187cm
Queen 153cm x 203cm
King 183cm x 203cm
Super King 203cm x 203cm