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Electric Adjustable Bed Bases

Electric Adjustable Bed Bases? Our Electric Adjustable Bed Bases range from a simple wired remote controlled base to a wireless smart phone controlled base that caters for nearly infinite angles of adjustment from Zero Gravity to Anti Snore Positions both

Excellent Support, Great Pressure Relief

Ongoing back pain needs to be addressed by a health professional and managed accordingly. While sleeping on a good, supportive mattress will not cure the problems, sleeping on the wrong mattress is likely to exacerbate any existing back problems.

Our mattresses are designed to support your body correctly, and be comfortable to help relieve any pressure points, such as shoulders and hips. With the correct mattress that gives you neutral spinal alignment and ongoing appropriate care, your back issues may be alleviated or even eliminated over time.

For a mattress for back pain at the right price, visit Mattress & Pillow Science.

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