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Great range of quilts and doonas in a huge range of fills from the finest down and feather quilts to eco-friendly and moisture absorbent bamboo quilts. Low flat rate shipping or FREE DELIVERY Australia-wide for purchases over $150. Buy online!

The quilt you choose makes all the difference to the comfort of your bed and the quality of your sleep. If you truly want to get the most from your investments in a top-quality mattress and pillows, you need a quilt that matches the same excellent quality standards.

At Mattress & Pillow Science, we work with experts in the fields of healthcare and orthopaedics, learning from the latest research to bring you the very best in sleep-related products. Our range of high-quality quilts has been designed with your comfort in mind.

High quality quilts to suit all preferences

Using only the finest quality materials, we have developed a range of quilts to suit all sleepers. Whether you prefer a warmer or cooler temperature, a heavier weight or a lighter one, you are sure to find the perfect quilt in our range. We also cater to all sizes of beds – our collection starts with single quilts and king single quilts for children’s beds and those living in small apartments. Our double quilts and queen quilts are particularly popular, but we also offer king quilts and Super King quilts for those who like to enjoy a luxurious experience in the largest possible bed.

Our quilt collection features products from some of the most respected quilt manufacturers, including:

  • Bambi
  • MiniJumbuk
  • Downia
  • Kelly & Windsor
  • And more.

With a range of different fillings to choose from, including allergy-sensitive quilts, you’re sure to find something in our range that suits your individual needs, helping you to achieve a calm, comfortable night’s sleep, night after night.

Choose a Mattress & Pillow Science quilt for quality

At Mattress & Pillow Science, every product we sell has been carefully selected for its outstanding quality. We only work with reputable manufacturers, and we consult closely with top healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and more, to make sure we are selling products that offer maximum comfort and support.

We have been providing Australians with a more comfortable night’s sleep since 2005! We understand that every customer is unique when it comes to their sleep requirements, which is why we have created such a varied, high-quality range.

We won’t be beaten on price – we believe that a good night’s sleep should be available to all, regardless of your budget. You can trust us to provide you with a great product at a great price, every time. Check out our quilt range, and see for yourself the high-quality quilts we offer at prices you’ll love.


What is the best type of quilt to buy?

The best type of quilt will always be a matter of personal preference. There are so many different quilts to choose from, and every sleeper is different, so the key is finding a quilt that suits your individual needs.

What do I consider when choosing a quilt?

If you tend to have a warm body temperature, or you share your bed with a warm sleeper, you might want to choose a quilt made from a material designed to keep you cool. However, if you tend to feel cold in bed, it is advisable to choose a warmer quilt. In addition, quilts are available in lighter and heavier weights to suit your preference.

You also need to consider health issues. If you suffer from allergies, you need to choose a hypoallergenic quilt to ensure you can sleep comfortably every night.

Combine these factors with a quilt that fits your bed and suits your budget to find the best type of quilt for you.

How do I choose the right quilt online for me?

To choose the right quilt, you need to understand the differences between the various materials on offer.

Wool quilts

Suitable for both warm and cold sleepers, a wool quilt helps you to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. Wool is a natural material that is resistant to mould, dust mites and bacteria. It is an ideal, healthy choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Down quilts

When it comes to luxury, a down quilt is impossible to beat. It is filled with the downy feathers from the chest of a goose or duck, offering the ultimate in softness and comfort. Down quilts are ideal for cold sleepers, as they provide high levels of warmth while still being light in weight.

Feather quilts

A popular option due to their budget-friendly prices, feather quilts provide comfort and warmth without the expense of down. Filled with the longer feathers from the back of the goose or duck, a feather quilt settles comfortably around your body to give you that "tucked in" feeling.

Bamboo quilts

Lightweight and hypoallergenic, bamboo quilts are an increasingly popular, environmentally friendly option. They are particularly suitable for warm sleepers, as they help to keep you cool at night while still providing high levels of comfort.

Microfibre quilts

Developed as a hypoallergenic, modern alternative to down and feather quilts, microfibre quilts are soft, lightweight and extremely comfortable. They are a great option for cold sleepers due to the warmth they provide.

Cotton quilts

Cotton quilts are a popular option for warm sleepers. Naturally lightweight, a cotton quilt keeps your body temperature cool as you sleep, making it a highly practical choice for those who live in warmer climates.

Is a quilt and doona the same thing?

No, a quilt and a doona are different things. A quilt is made up of several layers and can be used with or without a cover. This means quilts are extremely versatile, as you can choose a quilt that coordinates with your home décor.

A doona, by contrast, is a simple rectangular bag filled with material such as down or feathers. A doona, sometimes known as a duvet, requires a separate cover – it cannot be used on its own.

Buy high-quality quilts online

If a quilt is what you’re looking for, you can shop the excellent collection here at Mattress & Pillow Science. With fast, Australia-wide delivery and FREE shipping on all orders over $150, it’s easy to order the quilt you want at the right price.

Shop quilts today – or, if you would like more information about the different types of quilt available, please contact us. Our specialist team will be happy to speak to you on 1300 795 177 or on Livechat.