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Dr. Jack Troake
Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic 

"Having had Osteopathic treatment when I was younger I got to see first hand the incredible effects of Osteopathy."

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Jason Izydorczyk
Sports and Spinal Group

"Sleep health can be influenced by many different things. As an Osteopath, my role is to investigate and treat any.."

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Dr. Mia Flavell
Body In Balance Chiropractic

"By improving your spinal alignment and reducing nerve interference, Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce pain.."

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Olivia Sabatier
Health Canvas Clinic

"I became a physio after years of lived experience with chronic back pain and witnessing first-hand the profound benefits.."

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Dr. James Clark
Total Balance Healthcare

"I try to encourage my patients to go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning"

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Cherry De Crespigny
Health Canvas Clinic

"I've always loved talking to people, listening to their stories and helping them in anyway I can. "

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Nick Conquest
Gardenvale Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

"As practitioners, we feel very lucky to be able help people enhance their health and allow all to thrive just a little easier."

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Tamar Simai
The Joint Physiotherapy

Educating around the fact that the time you spend in your bed must have an effect on your body and when you are in a bed that.."

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Darron Goralsky
More Than Physio /Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre

"I have always been fascinated with the human body and how everything is interconnected. My focus then honed in on.."

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Dr. Rick Davids
The Health Formula

"My inspiration for entering my profession stems from a deep passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness"

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Michael Bloom
Happy Chiropractic

"Sleep is so vital to overall health. Knowledge about the effect of sleep on overall health is expanding yearly."

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Rob O'Donnell
Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre

"You only benefit from training that you recover from and sleep is a very important part of that recovery."

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