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What inspires your team?

As practitioners, we feel very lucky to be able help people enhance their health and allow all to thrive just a little easier.

What is your philosophy when it comes to helping individuals improve their sleep health? Are there any specific principles or strategies you follow in your practice?

To sleep well it’s crucial to have good circulation, this will help with stress, pain and keep our hormones better balanced.  All crucial points to have a good night’s sleep.

What are some of the most common sleep-related issues you encounter in your practice? 

Stress and hormonal changes are the key sleep-related issues we encounter. Both conditions causing annoying symptoms such as anxiety and mental restlessness, hot flushes and night sweating.

How do you go about diagnosing and addressing these issues? 

Using a Chinese medicine diagnostic framework, we will use: the pulse, tongue, facial complexion and a lengthy discussion.  The idea is to ascertain where an imbalance might be in the body and use acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional/life style advice to help correct this to promote ready sleep.

Advice for Better Sleep 

Many people struggle with sleep problems. What general advice or tips would you offer for improving sleep quality and overall well-being?

We can’t always control stressors or physiological changes in life, but we can help our body manage them.

  • Regular exercise to help promote circulation, regulate hormones, and manage health
  • Breath work/belly breathing or meditation to reduce those stress hormones and oxygenate our blood.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods are all stimulants or toxins that will make our gut and livers grumpy whilst we sleep, so good to avoid or reduce if you can.
  • Sleep hygiene I believe is the term of the day.  Reduce screen use before bed, increase airflow in your room and make sure you have a therapeutic and comfortable mattress and pillow.

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