Price Mattress & Pillow Science - ‘Price-Beat’ Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

At Mattress and Pillow Science we understand that in these times it is important for our customers to get the best deal possible. We try and deliver low prices daily. We review competitors’ websites regularly, and adjust our prices when required, but occasionally there may be a competitor offering an item at a lower price.

 We will do our best to ‘Beat the Price’ of an identically stocked competitor product. If this happens and it is of significance please call us on 03 9576 8828 or email us at

 Please see below our conditions in support of this guarantee

 ‘Price Beat’ guarantee applies to all online and in store purchases that are available to the general public

  1. Competitive price must be from an Australian based E/Retailer

  2. Competitor must have the item/s in stock

  3. Product must be the exact same item and colour that we range and stock and on the same terms and must include delivery if purchase is online.

  4. We do not ‘Price Beat’ for advertising errors, prices which include bonuses, limited or group buy offers, clearance products, promo code offers, and discounts including where offered directly by supplier or third party.

  5. The ‘Price Beat’ does not apply to items sold on marketplace websites such as eBay, Amazon, Gumtree etc.

  6. We do not ‘Price Beat’ the prices of companies that are liquidation, deals sites, auction sites or sell-outs

  7. We do not ‘Price Beat’ the prices of parallel/grey marketing websites (where a competitor does not purchase from the local distributor)

  8. Product must be brand new in in original packaging and condition, excludes floor or display stock

  9. Our ‘Price Beat’ policy cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

  10. ‘Price Beat’ is only available at time of purchase – no retrospective ‘Price Beating’

  11. Mattress & Pillow Science  reserve the right to refuse a ‘Price Beat’ at any time