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Hi, We’re Mattress & Pillow Science

Our mission is to improve our customers' quality of life through improved sleep by providing the right mattress, pillow and overall sleep solution to suit their needs.

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Here is what our customers say

Great service all round, can’t fault them. Very helpful and knowledgeable. This was my 3rd purchase from them and I’ll keep coming back.

Scott S

I purchased two pillows from here recently on line. Reece was so helpful in working out our pillow requirements. His suggestions were perfect. We are both sleeping better and not waking with sore necks. Would highly recommend this store. Melbourne, VIC.

Deb D

Service unbelievable. I am sorry I wasted so much money on pillows over the years. Should have gone to Pillow science . 


 Incredibly satisfied with the selection/quality and SERVICE! So impressed with our first purchase we have highly recommended to friends and returned to purchase for our daughter. She is loving her new bed so much she asked why we didn’t get one for her sooner. My back is not great and I literally spring out of bed in the morning pain free and can’t wait to get back into my bed at night. My daughter has also been noticeable sleeping so well. No more visits during the night and most mornings I need to go and get her out of bed. Will always purchase from here in the future. Long story... but so happy!


Great quality, I find the beds so good to sleep on and that's why I have now bought 3, and will be coming back again.


I have never experienced such great customer service and I will only be buying mattresses and pillows from this company from now on and cannot recommend them highly enough.


Excellent sales, product & service. Very highly recommended.

Selwyn L

We found the staff at Pillow Science to be knowledgeable, patient and pleasant to deal with. Extremely happy with our purchase and would highly recommend.


Firstly the guys at Pillow Science helped me track down my delivery which Aust Post had botched. then when i got it, was it ever good. great flexibility and really comfortable. My wife tried and instantly wanted one for herself!

Jim S

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Our objective is to improve our customers' quality of life through improved sleep by providing the right mattress, pillow and overall sleep solution to suit their needs.

Since 2005 we have been working closely with back-care professionals, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and professionals in the health industry. We specialise in sleep solutions that solve their clients’ issues relating to lack of sleep. Our diverse range covers mattresses, pillows and all top of bed solutions including quilts, protectors, temperature regulation and many products for travel, anti-snoring and, of course, kids.

Our mattress range is well researched, relevant and compact, giving you plenty of choice without confusion. Many of our mattresses are designed by us, based on many years’ experience and sound product knowledge.

Our pillow range is extensive, with classic or contour designs in all materials and brands to choose from, and we provide advice on the correct height and comfort. Whether you have a specific complaint (neck, back or shoulder pain, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, pregnancy or allergies) or are searching for a better, longer-lasting pillow, you can rely on Mattress & Pillow Science for information and expertise.

You should find our site informative and easy to navigate. We carry some impressive brands and our pricing is exceptional. Don’t forget our ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ which provides all the peace of mind you will need in making an online purchase from us.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and should you wish to visit our showroom please be aware we only carry a select range from the site in store. Give us a quick call to check prior to visiting.

Mattress & Pillow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

At Mattress & Pillow Science, we offer a superb selection of premium quality pillows to buy online at great value prices including pillows for neck painside sleeper pillowsanti-snore pillows and pillows for kids and for travel and pregnancy. Our range features a variety of luxurious materials to enhance your quality of sleep including memory foam pillowslatex pillowsfeather pillowsgel pillows and polyester pillows. We also have a variety of pillow accessories to enhance comfort, pressure relief and temperature for hot and cold sleepers. Our pillows are delivered Australia-wide at a competitive, flat shipping rate and free shipping on orders over $150. View our pillows online now or visit our Caulfield South store in Melbourne for an expert consultation with one of our sleep consultants.

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

At Mattress & Pillow Science, we specialise in better, healthier sleep. We have developed a unique range of therapeutic mattresses designed specifically to enhance the quality of your sleep. Our mattresses are ideal for anyone looking for exceptional comfort, top quality and excellent value for money. Our range includes memory foam mattresseslatex mattressesgel mattresses and pocket spring mattresses (also known as pocket coil mattresses). We also have a great range of new tech mattresses that are deliverable nationally in a compact box. Visit us in-store today at our showroom in Caulfield South and test out our mattresses for yourself. Ask one our healthy sleep consultants to find the right mattress for your requirements and sleep better tonight!

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

No sleep solution is complete without a quilt and here at Mattress & Pillow Science we have a wonderful expansive range of quilts to enhance your sleep experience. We cater for Kids, Allergy Sensitive individuals and those who are just looking for that better nights sleep with quilts for all seasons. Our range covers quilts rich in wool, tencel, bamboo, cotton and many other combinations and of course in all the big brands.

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

If you are looking to improve your sleep, buying a new mattress may not always be the correct solution. As we get older our bodies change and we may feel that our current mattress is now too hard, or maybe you purchased a mattress that is too firm. In both these instances an additional layer called a Topper should help take the pressure off your sore spots and enhance pain relief, leaving you well aligned and soundly asleep. We carry some big brands rich in wool, down, memory foam, microfibre and a combination of these.

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

If you are looking at adding a bit of style to your healthy sleep solution have a look at our range of bed linen. We carry all sizes and fibres including cotton, bamboo and Tencel® in varying thread counts. All our bed linen is of the highest quality from some of Australia’s largest and most sought after brands.

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

Protecting your Healthy Sleep Solution, whether it be a mattress, pillow or quilt is a wise investment. Have a look at our range of protectors that are breathable, yet prevent anything from causing damage. Protectors are also great for Allergy sensitivity and some even help with temperature regulation. We carry some world renowned brands including Protect-A-Bed®

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

Enjoy browsing our ever increasing range of products that enhance sleep and improve your well being. This category will grow dramatically with more exciting products for the bedroom.

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

We all know that kids get priority when shopping, so enjoy browsing our kids category that covers pillows, quilts and protectors. We emphasise Allergy Sensitive Solutions. Kids mattresses can be found within our mattress category

Mattress & PIllow Science - the healthy sleep specialists. 

Innovators in adaptive sleep technology.