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Do you think you need to replace your mattress, but don’t know what’s the best choice for you?  Here at Pillow Science, we are the healthy sleep specialists, and it’s our mission to make buying a high-quality mattress easy so you can start enjoying a full night’s sleep permanently.

But is it safe to buy a mattress online?

In answer to your question, yes it is safe to buy mattresses online in Australia, because we are covered by Australian law for consumer protection, which means you are free to return the product if it is defective. However, at Mattress and Pillow Science we only stock top of the range quality products, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Which mattress should I choose?

Choosing the right mattress is a bit subjective, because everybody has their own needs and desires, but there are specific mattresses for people with different needs, from back or side sleepers to restless toss and turners. If you suffer from a poor night’s sleep, choosing the right mattress and considering the different materials can help make sure you get the best night’s sleep possible. You’ll go from serial snoozer to an early riser, in no time. We also have experienced mattress specialists who are happy to help guide you.  

The feel of a mattress is a personal preference and that is why visiting Pillow Science allows you to experience the range before you buy. People often think there’s a particular style of mattress based on arbitrary factors like climate or sleeping position, but comfort is purely about your personal preference. 

You wouldn’t choose a pair of shoes just because your neighbour recommended them, and you wouldn’t buy a car out of a catalogue based solely on fuel mileage. The same basic rule of thumb applies to a mattress, you need to find what’s right for you and make a smart selection, because you spend a lot of time on your mattress. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best mattress brands available, so you’ll be choosing from only the best in the market. 

What mattress sizes are available?

Our mattresses are made to fit common Australian bed sizes;

  • Single Mattress (92 cm x 188 cm)- Good for an older (5-10 years) child 
  • Long Single (92 cm x 203 cm)- For a single pre-teen
  • King Single (107 cm x 203 cm)-   For a single adult
  • Double Mattress (138 cm x 188 cm)- For two adults sleeping close together
  • Queen Mattress (153 cm x 203 cm)- For two adults sleeping comfortably apart
  • King Mattress (183cm x 203 cm)- For two adults and a child in between
  • Super King (203 cm x 203 cm)- For up to 4 adults 
  • We can also provide custom sizes!

What are the Best Mattresses Made With?

  • Latex – This is a natural material derived from the sap of the rubber tree.  It is microbial and offers a firm but slightly bouncy feel. It is good for people with arthritis and painful joints. 
  • Memory foam -   This is made from synthetic polyurethane. It is soft and comfortable with various densities.  It is recommended for people who shift a lot in the bed at night 
  • Gel – This material is becoming more popular for its breathability and comfort.  They spring back faster which reduces the ‘stuck’ feeling 
  • Pocket spring – The springs used in the mattress are placed in small compartments or pockets. This provides more flexibility 
  • Innerspring mattress – This is the older type of spring mattress with wire springs and coils in continuous formation.  It gives the firmest feel.

How much should I spend on a mattress?

Mattress prices vary depending on the type of material used.  We have spring coil mattresses that start from $399 and Gel mattresses that start from  $2,395.  But a lower price doesn’t always translate into lower quality. All mattresses sold by Mattress and Pillow Science are high-quality mattresses designed by the best brands in Australia.

Can I buy a mattress to help with my back pain?

The state of your mattress can have an impact on your back’s health and posture. A mattress that is too soft or too hard could be placing your spine in an incorrect posture during sleep leading to back pains, stiff neck and general soreness. A new mattress that is chosen well will support your back and support your weight properly, which will reduce and prevent these problems. 

What is the best mattress for my child?

Long single mattress size is appropriate for older children and pre-teens.  Children under 5 years can sleep on a cot size mattress.  For support, go for a spring mattress which will support the bouncy play that children like to do on their beds. Remember to install a waterproof mattress cover in case of ‘accidents’ and other liquid spills.

What kind of base should I put my mattress on?

The type of bed base you choose can impact the feel and performance of your mattress. We have an optional 'ensemble' base designed specifically for each of our mattresses specifications. If you have to use a slatted base, ensure that the slats are wider than 75mm and the spaces between them no wider than 35mm. 

How long will my mattress last?

A good quality mattress should give you good service for at least 10 years. There are basic ways you can extend the life of your mattress and maintain its freshness for years to come including making sure your mattress is properly supported, using a mattress protector, and rotating regularly. 

How can I order a mattress?

You can buy any of our mattresses online, and we also offer Afterpay for interest free payment terms. We are based in Melbourne but we will deliver your mattress wherever you are in Australia.