Evoke Tight Top Medium Mattress (No Pillow Top)

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Comfort Sleep Evoke Tight Top Medium Mattress

The Comfort Sleep Evoke will make for a luxurious addition to any bedroom while it’s specialised layers work together to create the perfect sleeping conditions.

Each of the materials in this mattress combats the conditions which hamper your sleeping experience. There is breathable Coolex Foam and liquid gel to create the ideal temperature and plus anti- microbial properties help with allergies and asthma.

This is all combined with one of the best spring systems available, 7 zone 8 turn European micro pocket coils. Your entire body will receive tailored support with this mattress.

7 Zone - 8 Turn European Micro Pocket Coils

The support provided by the 7 zone - 8 turn European micro pocket coils will be so precise; every inch of your body will receive its own targeted support.

This section features 60% more coils than a standard pocket coil system. The 8 turn technology offers superb comfort and maximum body contour.

Each one of the hundreds of springs is individually wrapped so they will move independent of each other. This allows each one to adjust specifically to the pressure it is put under giving you a personalised sleeping experience and reduces partner disturbance.

The 7 zone system offers an unparalleled level of support for your entire body, the higher number of zones allows for an even more targeted approach to support than a more traditional zoned mattress.

More areas of your body will be able to receive the optimal level of support resulting in a better sleep for you. Combined, the zones and coils will provide a highly advanced and responsive sleeping experience which will contour to your body and reach even the most recessed areas.

Gel Form X

There are many ways the Comfort Sleep Evoke is able to support you and its layer of Gel Form X may just be its most revolutionary.

The Australian made liquid gel can help to directly address any aches and pains you may develop during the day or while you sleep.

The unique material relieves pressure as it contours to your body from the second you lay down particularly the shoulder and hip area. This means the mattress will provide an unbelievable amount of support for everyday use or specifically alleviating pressure points.

GECA Certified

The Comfort Sleep Evoke is Good Environmental Choice Australia certified which means not only is it good for your sleeping environment but it is good for the environment as a whole. The foams used are made using innovative technology the removes the need for chemicals.

The process also ensures zero Volatile Organic Compounds, which are harmful to environment are used leaving the mattress with no smell. The bio-product Comprishield is used which naturally repels bacteria, dust mites, allergies and bed bugs.

Coolex breathable technology

The unique construction within this layer of foam helps to further optimise sleeping conditions. The design of this layer dramatically increases air flow and breathability and redcues tossing and turning during the night.

The high density centre zone of this layer of Coolex foam compliments the pocket coil springs below to help provide optimal support.

This material also has the added advantage of being anti-microbial so if you deal with asthma or allergies you don’t have to worry.

Edge Boost Foam Box Wall

Surrounding the 7 zone - 8 turn European micro pocket coil system is a wall of ultra-firm, high density, highly resilient foam.

This wall of foam is integral to the structural integrity of the mattress; it provides support the springs it encases while ensuring 100% of your mattress can be used as a sleeping surface.

It is amongst the most durable box foam encasement on the market and the support it extends to every edge and corner of your mattress eliminates any sagging in the sides or ends.


The latest sleeping technology is used in this layer of the mattress to achieve optimal thermo-regulation and add to the life of your mattress.

It’s unique and revolutionary design helps to create an optimal sleeping temperature across the entire mattress through its enhanced breathability and airflow.

This will stop you from getting too hot or too cold and will result in a much more comfortable and satisfying sleep.

This high resilience comfort layer will have you sleeping well for years to come thanks to its exceptional durability and bounce back.

Premium Knit Fabric

The top layer of the Comfort Sleep Evoke provides a luxurious finish. It provides an exceptional final touch with its extremely soft material. It is finely woven to ensure the maximum level of comfort.

It will also keep the mattress’ materials contained so they can continue to do their job while it will help prevent any external substances getting inside.

Adjustable base compatible

The Comfort Sleep Evoke is compatible with the OSO range of adjustable bases. These bases allow you to adjust your mattress into a range of positions which can help with circulation, injury recovery, pain relief, snoring and more.

Comfort Sleep Bedding’s Evoke Range offers one of the highest levels of support at a reasonable price to ensure you get a great quality sleep. Innovative technology is used in each layer of the mattress to allow you to get amazing pressure relief without having to sacrifice comfort and all backed with a 10 year guarantee and Mattress & Pillow Science’s 30 Day Sleep Satisfaction Promise, Australia-wide delivery and Free Delivery to Metro MELBOURNE!

(BRISBANE, SYDNEY & ADELAIDE Metro starting from $39). Invest in a better sleep. Buy Online Now!

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