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Body in Balance Twin Pocket Spring Mattress Firm

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Comfort Sleep S
ӧmna Medica Body In Balance

Find the perfect balance between comfort and support with Comfort Sleep’s Sӧmna Medica™ Body in Balance. This specially constructed mattress combines a range of materials through a number of layers to create the perfect balance.

Some layers, such as the one made from high-density comfort foam, work to make our mattress more comfortable while others, like the 3 zoned ContourTech pocket spring system, adjust to your sleeping position to give extra support. 

Backed with a 10-year guarantee and Mattress & Pillow Science’s 30 Day Sleep Satisfaction Promise, Australia-wide delivery, and Free Delivery to Metro MELBOURNE!

(BRISBANE, SYDNEY & ADELAIDE Metro starting from $39). Invest in a better sleep. Buy Online Now!

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  • Australian Made

    Comfort Sleep mattresses are proudly made in Victoria, Australia.

  • GECA Certified

    The Comfort Sleep Sӧmna Medica™ Body in Balance is Good Environmental Choice Australia certified which means not only is it good for your sleeping environment but it is good for the environment as a whole.


  • Gel-Form X Layer

    Gel Memory foam provides a cool and breathable sleep surface while offering outstanding pressure relief for your body.

  • 3-Zoned Pocket Coil System

    Unlike other mattresses on the market which still follow older trends in bedding, this mattress benefits from the 3 Zone Pocket Coil System.


Progressive High Density Comfort Foam
3-Zoned Pocket Coil System
The Comfort Sleep Brand
GECA Certified
Edge Boost Foam Box Wall
Gel Memory Foam
Mattress Specifications