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Gel Advance Medium Mattress


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Comfort Sleep Gel Advance Firm Mattress

The Comfort Sleep Gel Advance Mattress is a premium quality mattress that is comprised of multiple layers that provide the ultimate in comfort and support. The Mattress uses a dual layered pocket spring system with a micro layer of pocket springs in the pillow top and a full size pocket spring layer in the body of the mattress. The mattress is covered with premium thermo-regulating fabric. The comfort layers are enhanced by the use of Eco Friendly Gel Memory and Premium Progressive High Density Foams. The Mattress is finished with Comfort Sleeps unique Edge Boost Foam Box Wall.

5 zoned ContourTech™ Pocket Spring System

The Comfort Sleep’s Elegant Lifestyle Gel Advance excels in giving you the perfect amount of support for your body with its 5 zoned ContourTech™ Spring System

It contains hundreds of 22cm pocket coils, all ready to compress and adjust the pressure of your body. Each individual spring is able to act independently so every inch of your body will get its own personalised level of support. These springs a further separated into five zones, to target the main areas of your body that require support including the head and neck, shoulders and hips.

This design will help combat any pain you might have while you sleep.

Overall this creates an excellent level of body contouring while providing conforming comfort and minimising partner disturbance. The springs are also extremely durable so they will support you for years to come.

Micro Coil Spring System

This additional layer of micro pocket coils in the pillow top provide extra body support, each spring is designed to work independently to evenly disperse your body weight providing a more luxurious body contouring experience.

The Gel Advance mattress also boasts additional side support in the pillow top with the micro spring system encased in a box foam side support to ensure they stay in position and provide exceptional support for the life of the mattress.

Gel Memory Foam Layer

This section of the mattress uses advanced liquid gel technology to provide you with numerous benefits while you sleep.

In this layer Australian made liquid gel is used to create the gel memory foam which will support you and keep you cool at night.

The gel memory foam proves a cool and breathable sleep surface which will stop your body from overheating. This section also provides an exceptional amount of support. The material will mould to the contours of your body which will assist in relieving pressure while you’re in bed.

Progressive High Density Comfort Foam

This section of the mattress combines at least two layers of premium high density comfort foam with differing levels of hardness.

This helps provide a smooth transition in feel between the softer upper sections of the mattress and more supportive lower layers giving you the perfect balance between comfort and support.

The foam is highly durable and features a unique open cell formula which aids in breathability and temperature regulation.

Additionally, the foam is Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified which not only means it is produced in a manner which is healthy for the environment but it reduces negative effects on your health.

Edge Boost™ Foam Box Wall

Encasing the inner coils of the Comfort Sleep Gel Advance mattress is a wall of ultra-firm, high density, highly resilient foam.

This wall of foam is integral to the structural integrity of the mattress; it provides support the springs it encases while ensuring 100% of your mattress can be used as a sleeping surface.

It is amongst the most durable box foam encasement on the market and the support it extends to every edge and corner of your mattress eliminates any sagging in the sides or ends.

Quiltec™ - Thermo Regulating Fabric

The latest sleeping technology is used in this layer of the mattress to achieve optimal thermo-regulation and add to the life of your mattress.

It’s unique and revolutionary design helps to create an optimal sleeping temperature across the entire mattress through its enhanced breathability and airflow.

This will stop you from getting too hot or too cold and will result in a much more comfortable and satisfying sleep.

This high resilience comfort layer will have you sleeping well for years to come thanks to its exceptional durability and bounce back.

Premium Knit

The outer layer of the Comfort Sleep Elegant Lifestyle Gel Advance mattress is finished with a premium knit. This knit provides an exceptional final touch with its extremely soft material. It is finely woven to ensure the maximum level of comfort.

It will also keep the mattress’ materials contained so they can continue to do their job while it will help prevent any external substances getting inside.

The Comfort Sleep Elegant Lifestyle Gel Advance provides the perfect balance of support and pressure relief with some of the best pieces of technology in the market.

The Gel Advance mattress is backed with a 10 year guarantee and Mattress & Pillow Science’s 30 Day Sleep Satisfaction Promise, Australia-wide delivery and Free Delivery to Metro MELBOURNE!

(BRISBANE, SYDNEY & ADELAIDE Metro starting from $39). Invest in a better sleep. Buy Online Now!

Australian Standard Mattress Sizes

Single 92cm x 187cm
Long Single 92cm x 203cm
King Single 106cm x 203cm
Double 137cm x 187cm
Queen 153cm x 203cm
King 183cm x 203cm
Super King 203cm x 203cm