Flexi Pillow - Gel Contour With Bamboo

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The Gel-Elite Contour, Australia's best selling adjustable cool gel memory foam pillow. Initially designed to be sold by back care professionals but is now available online. In-home trial T's & C's apply*

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Australia’s Most Popular Cool Gel Contour Pillow

The Flexi Pillow Contour Range was initially designed to be sold by back care professionals but is now available at many exclusive bed stores as well. Here at Mattress & Pillow, we sell the entire Flexi Pillow Range. All Flexi Pillow Contour Pillows are designed with a double lobe contour to support the neck and to provide a fantastic, peaceful night’s sleep. They are adjustable to 4 different heights so that one size will fit all (or most).

The Gel Elite is Australia’s largest selling adjustable Gel Contour Pillow, online in bed stores and in Health Professional’s clinics.

30-Day Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are so confident that you will enjoy both the comfort and support that this pillow offers – that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Sleep on the pillow for up to 30 days and if you are unhappy with your purchase we will refund you, less the delivery charge.

Recommended by Back-Care Professionals

The Flexi Pillow Gel Elite Contour Pillow is popular with Back-Care professionals largely because it is supportive yet comfortable and cooling. It improves your sleep posture at the same time as providing you a peaceful, cooler and comfortable night’s sleep. It’s a pillow that is of medium/firm feel and will suit most people.

It has a gentle to moderate contour that supports your neck in a most natural way which makes it easy for those who want to transition from a traditional shaped pillow to the more supportive contour pillow without compromising comfort.

The top layer of the pillow comprises a layer of Cool Silicone Gel that is designed to reduce the temperature whilst sleeping as well as increasing the pressure relieving qualities of the high quality, moulded memory foam undersurface.

The Cool Gel layer helps assist those who find it hard to fall asleep due to increased body temperature or simply because their existing pillow is too warm.

When purchasing a contour gel pillow it is important to know that the contour shape and cooling technology will help and not hinder your sleep, posture and comfort. All Flexi Pillow contour pillows have passed the test of time and the ultimate test of being recommended or sold by health professionals.

Pillows for Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines

Pillows in themselves are not pain relief devices. This pillow is designed using leading edge materials such as high quality memory foam. This will help relieve pressure from one’s sore spots and may relieve pain (Neck Pain, Headaches or Migraines) that is related to incorrect or bad sleep posture from sleeping on an inappropriate or inferior pillow. This pillow is designed to improve your sleep posture, so that you sleep in a neutrally aligned position.

Note the shape of the contour/curve (Image) is very gentle to moderate, designed to provide support and keep your spine neutrally aligned whilst asleep and moderate enough to ensure that you still experience the comfort of a traditional shaped pillow

The Gel Elite is Australia’s largest selling adjustable Gel Contour Pillow, online in bed stores and in Health Professional’s clinic

Each Flexi Pillow is made in compliance of stringent international standards which means that you sleep on a pillow that has been tested to meet these high international standards. When you buy any Flexi Pillow you can be confident that the foam inside meets the highest of standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

You can sleep on any Flexi Pillow with the comfort of knowing that the foam has been manufactured with both your health and the environment in mind.

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Pillow Specifications


  • High-density (80 kg/metre cubed) high-quality moulded memory foam
  • Has a cool gel layer layed into the memory foam adding pressure relief and coolness
  • Bamboo cover: a natural & eco-friendly fibre that is supremely comfortable, soft & naturally antibacterial


Gently contoured. Higher on one side and lower the other with a removale foam pad to adjust the height.


Includes bamboo: a natural and eco-friendly fibre that is supremely comfortable, soft and naturally anti-bacterial.


Avoid direct sunlight. Sponge clean foam. Warm hand wash cover. Do not machine wash, dry clean or tumble dry. We always recommend you use a quality pillow protector