Tamar Simai - Physiotherapist

The Joint Physiotherapy

494 Glen Eira Road, Caulfield, Melbourne 3162.
 03 9528 2233.

What inspired you to become a Physiotherapist?

I was around it all the time as a kid. My dad is a physio and hence I was exposed to the profession and lifetstyle from a young age. And I have always been sporty and into science/anatomy.

What is your philosophy when it comes to helping individuals improve their sleep health? Are there any specific principles or strategies you follow in your practice?

There is no one right way for everyone. Educating around the fact that the time you spend in your bed must have an effect on your body and when you are in a bed that doesn’t suit your body or is too old, it takes a toll. People forget that most of us are in bed for 8 hours a day! That’s a long time. Similar to the issues we see from those sitting at a desk all day. You want to make your ergonomics as best as possible to avoid issues.

What are some of the most common sleep-related issues you encounter in your practice? 

Sore neck from tummy sleeping, differences in partner preferences, waking up sore, indecision on pillow shape.

How do you go about diagnosing and addressing these issues? 

Try to teach tummy sleepers how to wean off their tummy. Suggest a new mattress and pillow potentially with a divide down the middle. Exercises for first thing in the morning. Reducing spinal load throughout the day to try and decrease chances of waking up sore. Magnesium.

Advice for Better Sleep 

Many people struggle with sleep problems. What general advice or tips would you offer for improving sleep quality and overall well-being? 

Exercise throughout the day, tire your brain out, reading or meditation before bed with no screen interruption.

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