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What inspired you to become a Chiropractor? 

When I was a teenager I had a next door neighbour who was studying to be a chiropractor. At the time I thought I wanted to be a vet….. until I saw her adjust my mum on our lounge room floor and immediately I knew that I had to become a chiropractor. It was an instant decision. 

What is your philosophy when it comes to helping individuals improve their sleep health? Are there any specific principles or strategies you follow in your practice?

Sleep is so vital to overall health. Knowledge about the effect of sleep on overall health is expanding yearly. Therefore as a practitioner who advocates the pursuit of overall great health I know the importance of sleep. I offer advice about correct sleep posture and also mattress and pillow choice regularly as I know the importance of these decisions.

What are some of the most common sleep-related issues you encounter in your practice? 

I often speak to people who struggle to get to sleep or who struggle to stay asleep. These are significant challenges to overcome but in most cases with effort, it is possible to see improvements. 

How do you go about diagnosing and addressing these issues? 

Conversation is the key to uncovering sleep challenges. I ask about sleep regularly and then if people are struggling with sleep, it comes down to whether it is a physical challenge, or an overactive mind keeping them awake. Whatever the challenge I offer advice and strategies to assist, as I know the huge importance of healthy sleep.

Advice for better sleep.

I advise to go to bed at a consistent time. Minimise screen time in the hour leading in to bed time  Do not take devices into the bedroom. I also advise on having a well suited mattress and pillow.

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