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Sleep Hygiene 101: Tips To Sleep Better At Night

Sleep Hygiene 101 Tips To Sleep Better At Night

You know getting a good night’s sleep is essential — but do you know how to get it, minus the tossing and turning? You might be surprised to learn that a restful night isn’t just about a quality mattress and plush pillows; it also has much to do with your bedtime habits or sleep hygiene.

Our sleep experts are here to give you an insight into sleep hygiene and how to use it to your advantage so you can sleep better than ever before.

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is a collection of best practices that you can adopt to help create an ideal environment for healthier sleep. Think of it like this: where traditional hygiene might include scrubbing your face before bed, sleep hygiene is concerned with scrubbing away bad practices that keep you from getting the restful sleep you need.

If you have poor sleep hygiene, you may experience trouble falling and staying asleep, often leading to tiredness and grogginess throughout the day. And that’s not all — a lack of quality sleep has far-reaching consequences and can affect everything from your creativity to your overall happiness. See why sleep is so important?

While developing good sleep hygiene takes effort, it’s not entirely impossible.

Sleep hygiene tips to sleep better at night

Good sleep hygiene looks different for everyone. Here are a few tips to start incorporating into your day and night routine to learn what works best for you.

1. Create a schedule — and stick to it

Not only should you go to sleep at roughly the same time every night, but you should also have a fixed wake-up time every morning (yes, even on the weekends). This helps your body set a schedule and develop consistent sleep.

Once you’ve got a schedule, stick with it! You may be tempted to snooze in late so you can work or hang out with friends, but you need your sleep. While you’re at it, we recommend skipping the late afternoon/early evening naps.

2. Set yourself up for sleeping success

Help transition your body to a more restful state by initiating a calming routine about an hour before bedtime. This could be anything from 20 minutes of meditation to taking a relaxing bath. Make sure to keep the lights dim once it gets dark outside, as this will help you relax and encourage the release of melatonin — the hormone that lets your body know it’s time to rest.

3. Unplug as soon as you can

You probably already know that staring at your screen can make sleep more elusive — that’s why turning off your devices is a great sleep hygiene activity you can try. That pesky blue light can disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm, preventing the release of melatonin and keeping your mind from settling down into a relaxed state. Try turning off your phone, laptop, tablet and other devices at least an hour before bedtime — or even earlier if possible.

4. Watch what you eat (and drink) before bed

Caffeine is excellent for keeping people awake, which is why you should avoid it once the afternoon hits. Save your coffee, tea, soda and other caffeinated drinks for earlier in the day, not when it’s getting close to bedtime.

Likewise, certain foods can keep your body from relaxing. Spicy and fatty foods are some of the biggest culprits, as they can be difficult to digest. Avoid eating before bedtime; keep it light if you need to snack or munch on something.

5. Get some sunshine during the day

Getting plenty of natural light during the day is essential for your overall health and sleep hygiene, too! Sunshine helps regulate your circadian rhythm, telling your body when it needs to be awake and when it can sleep.

Want to take things to the next level? Get your sunshine in while you’re outside exercising! Exercising during the day (although not too close to bedtime) is another great habit if you want better sleep in the long term.

6. Make your bedroom a tranquil haven

It’s hard to want to hit the hay after a long day if you don’t like your bedroom. That’s why you should do everything possible to transform your space into an enjoyable environment.

Start with a comfortable mattress, maybe even splurging a bit for a specialised option like a mattress for back pain or an adjustable mattress to ensure you’re constantly sleeping in an ideal position. Add high-quality pillows and sheets to the mix, and keep your room at a relaxed and comfortable temperature. You may even want to install heavy curtains to block light or use a white noise machine to drown out ambient sounds.

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