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Feather Pillows

Choose from our luxury range of hotel-grade feather pillows and sleep like a baby tonight. Quick delivery Australia-wide. Flat fee delivery Australia-wide only $9.95 or FREE.DELIVERY over $150. Buy online now!

  1. Downia® 85% Goose Down Pillow Pack

    Downia® 85% Goose Down PIllow

    Regular Price: $299.95

    Special Price: $199.95

    The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of soft pillows, the Downia® 85% Goose Down feather pillow is a popular choice amongst some of Australia’s finest hotels due to its reputation for being the softest, most comfortable pillow on the market. It contains 85% Luxury Goose Down that naturally forms loose, air-filled clusters that feel as soft as clouds. Sweet dreams!

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  2. Downia® Double Down Surround Pillow Pack

    Downia® Double Down Surround Pillow

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Special Price: $89.95

    Combining the luxuriously soft lofting properties of duck down with the comfort support of duck feathers, the Double Down Surround pillow is encased in a cotton twill. Ideal for the back sleeper wanting a super soft feel but some neck support.

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Enjoy the luxury of a feather pillow

If you just want to snuggle into the softness of feathers, our duck and down feather pillows are soft, comfortable and have that luxury ‘hotel’ feel. Ideal for tummy sleepers where facial pressure is a problem, a feather pillow can also be used on top of other pillows for side sleepers.

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