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JUNO Activate Mattress: Your Most Powerful Day Yet

JUNO Activate Mattress: Your Most Powerful Day Yet - Mattress & Pillow Science

Juno is finally here - Pillow Science

It’s been an exciting time here in our Melbourne office. After two years of hard work engineering an incredible game changer of a product, the crew in our sister company have just launched JUNO. A mattress that is, well, much, much more than just a mattress. It’s a mattress designed to support an active lifestyle; one that allows you to experience a more powerful sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and energised – and – experience reduced muscle fatigue. A mattress superhero, if you like.

But with so many mattresses on the market, why, you may wonder, did we do it? It started with a question...

“How do we engineer a sleep system that accelerates the restorative power of sleep and take it to people who push their bodies the hardest?”

We pondered, we researched, researched a lot more, and then got to work engineering a mattress that would not just be restful, but powerful. Using our years of professional knowledge as sleep specialists, we chose the latest in existing mattress technologies and combined them with new breed fabrics and foams to create (we’re pretty chuffed to say) one beautiful piece of advanced sleep technology.

A n  i n t e g r a l  p a r t  o f  m y  r o u t i n e


    After using the JUNO I can confidently say that it is now an integral part of my daily routine. I would highly recommend the JUNO to any athlete or everyday person looking to ensure they have the best recovery possible.

Emma Jackson - 5x World Triathlon Medalist, Commonwealth Medalist

Emma Jackson - Juno Mattress Pillow Science


As the JUNO Activate Mattress was designed to support an active lifestyle, the key to its success was using the patented technology Celliant® fibres, which contain thermo-reactive minerals that convert the body’s unused energy into infrared energy that has been clinically proven to do the following:

  1. Increase blood flow
  2. Promote faster recovery from exercise
  3. Regulate body temperature
  4. Lead to more nourishing sleep (in a pilot study, subjects fell asleep an average of 15 minutes faster on Celliant®-powered bedding than those on non-Celliant® bedding)

 To make this possible, we carefully engineered the bed in layers:

  • Active response top cover: Celliant® fibres increase blood flow, which helps regulate your body temperature
  • Gentle response layer: high/tech, breathable foam which gives a gentle bounce while being soft and supportive
  • Adaptive float layer: open cell, breathable, cool liquid gel-infused memory foam adapts to the contours of your body providing unparalleled pressure relief
  • Supportive layer: high-density zoned surface delivers targeted support to the body and pressure relief to the various pressure points

And on top of all that, the Juno mattress contains a five zoned base support to hold you in all the right places.

Juno Mattress

The results were excellent, we’d created a mattress that feels and performs like no other. But before we went about high-fiving each other, we tested it on people that push their bodies the hardest: professional athletes.

After sleeping on JUNO Activate, our high-achieving, super human athletes all reported an increase in comfort, a more powerful sleep, a reduction in muscle fatigue and elevated energy levels.


M y   b a c k   p a i n   w e n t   a w a y   a s   d i d   t h e   h e a v y   f a t i g u e


In the past I have suffered with back issues and spent thousands on various treatments trying to resolve the problem. Four weeks before the Ironman Australia championships this year I was tired and in pain, I started sleeping on the Juno mattress and my back pain went away as did the heavy fatigue, I went onto finish 3rd and record the fastest bike split of the day.

Clayton Fettel - Triathlete


Snooze and don’t lose

‘Snooze and don’t lose’ is one of our catchphrases with JUNO, and it’s also apt with purchasing. There’s no losing with an Australian-made mattress that boasts free delivery, 120 nights risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.

So if you lead an active lifestyle and want to get the most out of your days, take a look at JUNO mattress - the launchpad for your most powerful day yet.


Mattress & Pillow Science – the healthy sleep specialists

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