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The Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow: Your New Best Memory Foam Friend

The Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow: Your New Best Memory Foam Friend - Mattress & Pillow Science

The Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow: Your New Best Memory Foam Friend - Mattress & Pillow Science

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional holiday-goer, the Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow can make nights away from home far more enjoyable. Say goodbye to crook necks, stiff shoulders and grumpy mornings with a beautifully soft and exquisitely designed memory foam travel pillow that’s a class (or three) above the average hotel pillow.

A traveller’s best friend

Based on our highly popular Flexi Pillow Harmony, the Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow has been adapted to a conveniently smaller ‘travel’ size. This memory foam neck pillow has been a huge success and has quickly become one of our best sellers.

The Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow has universal appeal due to its medium to firm feel which caters for most of us. It allows for any sleep style (back, side or tummy) but encourages healthier side sleeping with its gentle contour. Its premium density memory foam (60kg/m3) provides excellent pressure relief as it conforms to the curves of your neck and shoulders. Plus, it has a double lobe design which features two contours – one at 9 cm, the other at 11.5 cm. It has a comfortable sleeping surface due to its Tencel-rich fabric and is moisture absorbent, antibacterial and eco-friendly.

harmony travel pillow photo - Mattress and Pillow Science

We’d all love to have our pillow with us when we travel, but with space being a premium in travel baggage, our old faithful usually get left at home. However, going without our favourite pillow for even just a few nights can be more detrimental than we may think. When you consider the importance of a good night sleep - and being free from headaches and neck pain, sleeping on a less-than-perfect pillow can wreak havoc to our well-being. And our holiday.

At 26 cm deep and 35 cm long, the extremely light Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow can easily roll neatly into a carry bag. Alternatively, it can lie flat in a suitcase, taking up minimal space. At such a convenient size, you can easily take this with you on all your travels. After all, once you discover this memory foam travel pillow, you’ll never want to travel without it.

Let’s get technical

Here are some of the standout features of this travel neck pillow:

Contour shape

  • Has moderate contouring which helps maintain a healthy sleeping posture, relieving tension in the shoulders or neck.
  • Gentle ridges increase airflow, creating a soft and comfortable sleeping surface
  • Encourages side sleeping, which helps to prevent snoring.
  • Comes with a foam insert that helps adjust the travel neck pillow to suit your size and sleeping position

 High-density memory foam

  • Made from a medium to high-density form cut memory foam (60kg/m3), for excellent pressure relief and a superior sleeping experience.

Tencel Cover

  • A high-quality Tencel cover snugly encases the pillow, keeping its contour shape while providing a soft, cool, comfortable sleep surface to lie on.
  • Tencel is a natural fibre that is eco-friendly – made from wood pulp cellulose from sustainably harvested trees.
  • Provides moisture management while keeping bacteria at bay.

Suits many

  • Ideal for those needing a medium to firm pillow that’s highly supportive.
  • Can support all body types, while the high-density memory foam is very slow in release, allowing it to nicely contour to the curves of your head, shoulders and neck.
  • The perfect travel companion for everyone!

Neck pain, neck stiffness, headaches and back pain – not to mention a bad night’s sleep – can make any of us feel miserable. And when away from the comforts of home, things can feel worse. Don’t let pain and fatigue interfere with your travels. Priced at $49.95, the Harmony Travel Flexi Pillow is one small investment you’ll be thrilled you’ve made.

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