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The Perfect Mattress For You

The Perfect Mattress For You - Mattress & Pillow Science

The perfect mattress: it's all about you!  

Selecting the right mattress can be quite overwhelming. With so much information to consider, ever-changing technologies and materials, it is important that you make the right decision to keep you sleeping comfortably for many years.

Similar to selecting the correct pillow, the right mattress is one that provides you with the right level of support, provides you with a sleep surface that is pressure-relieving and comfortable, and helps you maintain a neutral sleep position where your spine is neutrally aligned.

Other factors must be considered: for example, you may share your mattress with a partner or you may require a high level of pressure relief for conditions such as arthritis.

So it’s important to ask yourself a few questions “about you” before you go shopping to simplify your search. Based on many years’ experience and the questions we ask our customers, we have created The Five Ps Self-Assessment for you to fill out. Bring this self-assessment into any Mattress & Pillow Science store and our specialist sleep consultants will combine all the factors of your assessment and advise you on the mattresses that most suitably match your scores.  

Ideal Sleep Position - Neutral Alignment

The Perfect Mattress For You

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