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10 Reasons Why Your Mum Would Love You Sleeping on a Memory Foam Pillow!

10 Reasons Why Your Mum Would Love You Sleeping on a Memory Foam Pillow! - Mattress & Pillow Science

Use memory foam pillow for comfort and healthNo one wants the best for you like your mum. Your health and happiness were her number one concern for many years - and maybe it still is. She wants to know that you’re looking after yourself: eating well, exercising, flossing – and sleeping well. With memory foam pillows offering so many health benefits, she’ll be Thrilled to-Betsy to know that you’ve chosen one! Here’s why.


1. Neck and shoulder pain relief

Of all the pillows on the market, memory foam pillows provide the most neck support. As the viscoelastic foam is heat sensitive, it slowly softens where there’s the most pressure, supporting you in all the right places. In fact, you can tell your mum that more than 20% of owners are happy to report relief from neck pain after sleeping on memory foam pillows.


2. Relief from sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea symptoms vary considerably: they can be a mild problem for some sufferers, but cause a lot of distressing health concerns for others. With sleep apnoea, the airways collapse, causing the sleeper to stop breathing for brief amounts of time. This forces the individual to wake up abruptly - which can happen many times per night, ruining the chance of getting quality sleep. Memory foam pillows enable sufferers to have their head and neck well supported, decreasing the chances of the airways collapsing.


3. Relief from snoring

As with sleep apnoea, memory foam pillows can provide wonderful support for your head and neck, keeping airways free and reducing the likelihood of snoring.


4. No more wry neck

Life presents us with enough challenges; we don’t need a wry neck to make our days any more difficult! This annoying condition is mostly avoidable and usually caused by the wrong choice of pillow. Pillows that are too hard, too soft, too high or just too uncomfortable will not do your neck any favours. Alternatively, viscoelastic memory foam pillows accommodate your personal body shape, giving you the support and comfort you need for a good night of sleep, with no wry neck for breakfast!


5. Invented for NASA

Memory foam is so good, it’s positively space-age! Memory foam was first invented for NASA to reduce the g-force astronauts were exposed to during lift-off in their exciting adventure to outer space. Its heat sensitivity and ability to conform to the body while supporting it in all the right places was highly regarded. After NASA, it was adopted by the medical fraternity, before more technological advancements made the process of manufacturing the material more affordable. Now fortunately, it is available to everyone and is therefore a very popular product used in both pillows and mattresses.


6. Kiss allergies goodbye

The therapeutic benefits of memory foam pillows offer a convincing enough argument. Yet, this wonderful product offers even more benefits. Memory foam is dust mite resistant with hypoallergenic properties. So if allergies are a problem, steer away from cotton or down pillows and try a viscoelastic variety.


7. Good for back sleepers

If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool back sleeper and can’t sleep any other way, these pillows are the best choice for you. They provide optimal support, and help keep airways open, so you can tell your mum that you are breathing easily while you sleep. Memory foam pillows can also help with reducing snoring or problems with sleep apnoea, as well as offering the best cervical support when sleeping in the supine position.


8. A comfortable sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for a happy life, and with memory foam pillows, this is now more possible than ever. Memory foam pillows are heavenly. They provide pure comfort, gently cradling you as you sleep, allowing your muscles to release and joints to decompress. They are such a heavenly experience you’ll wonder how you ever lived – or slept – without one!


9. Improved energy levels

Sleep with a memory foam pillow and you will soon notice an extra pep in your step! After regularly experiencing rejuvenating, healthy sleep, energy levels will return, your concentration will improve, and you’re likely to find yourself in a much better mood.


10. Easy cleaning

Here’s another bonus: did you know that you can clean your memory foam pillow just by sprinkling some baking soda on it? Let the baking soda settle on the pillow for approximately one hour to absorb any odours, debris and dust before vacuuming off. Your pillow should then have a fresh, clean smell! For stains, use a small, wet towel and a small amount of mild laundry detergent. Rub gently to remove the stain. And that’s it. Your pillow will be clean smelling and fresh as a daisy. Simple.

Purchase a memory foam pillow and it won’t just be your mother that will be thrilled; it may seriously be one of the best decisions you made for your health and happiness in some time! Mattress & Pillow Science provide a range of memory foam pillows, available in a variety of different heights and comfort densities so you can be sure to find one that is just right for you.

Experience the Mattress & Pillow Science difference for yourself. View our memory foam pillows online now or visit us at one of our Melbourne stores in Caulfield South, Moonee Ponds or Surrey Hills for a free consultation with one of our expert sleep consultants.

Mattress & Pillow Science. The healthy sleep specialists.

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