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Gel memory foam pillows - a cool idea for hot sleepers

Gel memory foam pillows - a cool idea for hot sleepers - Mattress & Pillow Science

No one has a brilliant night’s sleep when they are hot and uncomfortable. Migrating around the bed in search of a cool spot, poking feet through the sheets and throwing off covers is not fun. Just ask any hot sleeper. There are some ways around this, though, so if you have trouble getting cool during the night, read on.

You could be a hot sleeper simply because it’s a hot summer night; it may be because of hormone or medical based reasons; or you may have an extra fast metabolism. Either way, when you are overheated at night, it can affect your REM sleep - vital for our energy levels, daytime performance and alertness. And the hotter you are, the more REM sleep will be disrupted.

Strangely enough, that lovely warm, drowsy feeling we get after a hot shower is not due to the hot water. Instead, it’s due to your body temperature dropping after you’ve left the bathroom. Your body responds to this cooling off positively, so it is easy to see why staying heated prevents you from having a good night’s sleep.

Keeping cool at night can be broken down into three areas:

Sleepwear: avoid synthetics which will make you hot and sweaty – stick to natural fibres such as cotton. Thin cotton won’t heat you up and is breathable, which will keep you cool and be kinder to your skin. Make sure your sleepwear is comfortable, too. Sleepwear should be free of zips, buttons or tight waistbands. Of course, this doesn’t affect body temperature, but being free of discomfort will help you achieve a good night of sleep.

Room temperature and circulation: make sure the room is cool enough. Air circulation is important as the movement of the air over your skin has significant cooling effects. If required, a fan is great to help circulate the air.

Bedding: again, avoid synthetics and make sure your covers are appropriate for the season. Light cotton or cotton blend sheets, wool or cotton blankets are ideal choices. Fabrics such as satin or flannel don’t breathe well and are not ideal for hot sleepers.

There are mattresses available with cool gel surfaces and even varieties with temperature control. However for many, just choosing a cooling pillow may make a significant improvement to quality of sleep.

Here’s why gel pillows are so popular:

  • Cooling gel helps lower your overall body temperature while getting to sleep
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Hypoallergenic qualities
  • Provide ergonomic support (with Gel Contour Pillow) 
  • Fully adjustable to tailor to any body type (with Gel Contour Pillow)

At Mattress & Pillow Science, we have two high-quality gel pillows available.

Gel Contour (a memory foam gel pillow)

The gel contour pillow contains the highest quality memory foam (80 kg/m3) for pressure relief and has a cool gel pad set into the viscoelastic, providing you with a cool, soothing sleep. Contoured in shape, it allows improved head and neck support, as well as neutral spinal alignment. It’s height adjustable, too, with four pillow heights to suit all body types.

Its features include:

  • A cooling gel pad, perfect for hot sleepers
  • Contoured shaping for improved support
  • Height adjustable
  • Eco-friendly bamboo covering ensures contour shaping is maintained
  • Medium firmness
  • Suitable for side and back sleepers requiring a highly supportive, pressure relieving pillow
  • May help reduce snoring

Review: “I bought the Flexi Pillow Gel Contour because it is adjustable in height. All the others online were smaller and were no brand stuff. It took 2 nights to get used to and its been so good for my sleep since.Thanks you amazing scientists at Mattress and Pillow Science.”

-   Anon (Posted on 24/11/14)

Gel Classic (a cooling gel pillow)

As the name suggests, this pillow is classic shaped, providing a firm feel, with ultra high pressure relief. Again, it contains a cooling gel pad embedded into the highest quality 80 kg/m3 pressure relieving viscoelastic memory foam to give a superb night’s sleep. Best of all, turn the pillow over, and a small indentation makes it perfect for stomach sleepers.

The features include:

  • A cool gel pad is highly suitable for hot sleepers 
  • Ideal for stomach sleepers (and back sleepers) 
  • Classic pillow shape 
  • Soft, comfortable, eco-friendly bamboo cover 
  • Naturally antibacterial

Review: “I wasn't prepared to pay $129 for a pillow but I bit the bullet and after having it for a week now it has reminded me of the old saying of ‘getting what you pay for’. It's sooo comfy. Highly recommended.”

- Allana (Posted on 11/09/15)

For more information on our gel pillows, see our range online, or visit us in store.

Remember, at Mattress & Pillow Science, all our pillows come with a 14-day home trial and a money back guarantee!

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