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Contour memory foam pillows: Healthier neck alignment and healthier sleep!

Contour memory foam pillows: Healthier neck alignment and healthier sleep! - Mattress & Pillow Science

contour pillow - Mattress & Pillow ScienceHave you ever tossed and turned at night, unable to sleep because of nagging neck or shoulder pain? Or do you find that sleep is often a problem because you can’t get comfortable?

We all know how fantastic we feel after a good night of sleep – our batteries are charged, we can think clearly; nothing is too much trouble. Good sleep is something that is essential for all of us, yet so many settle for less. We struggle through the day without feeling 100%, unaware that there is a solution at hand.

A solution like a comfortably cradling, supportive pillow.

A pillow may not change the world, but there’s every chance that switching to a better, more supportive pillow will give you surprising health benefits.

Imagine nagging pain disappearing, not just in your neck but in your lower back too. Imagine looking fresher, feeling more alert, more capable, fully energised and ready to make the most of every day.

It would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Introducing the contoured pillow

There are pillows, and then there are contour pillows. Ergonomically designed to contour the head and neck, relieve pressure points, aches and pains, all while helping align the spine, these blissfully supportive pillows are a wonderful invention.

And they make a good night’s sleep much more possible.

At Mattress & Pillow Science we stock an impressive range of contour pillows for our customers, and we’ve seen first-hand the profound difference they’ve made to hundreds of our customers’ lives. It is essential to find the right pillow for you, though, so we recommend you explore a few varieties. Most of our pillows are adjustable, making it even easier to find a pillow that’s suitable for you.

Will any memory foam contour pillow suffice?

Many people wonder whether purchasing any memory foam contour pillow will be enough. There are two things to consider here. Firstly, it doesn’t have to be made of memory foam. It could be made of latex or a combination of several materials. Secondly, not all contour pillows are the same. Buying just any contour pillow will probably not be enough.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. There are many ‘budget friendly’ contour pillows made of a variety of materials on the market, but it’s likely they won’t last the test of time.

Here are three of our most popular sellers.

Flexi Pillow – Relief Contour

The Flexi Pillow Relief Contour This is a moderately contoured high-density memory foam pillow that suits both back and side sleepers who require a highly supportive pillow, but want a feeling of comfort and luxury.

It is height adjustable to suit almost any body type and has an opulent, plush feel. This pillow is made of high-quality, high-density pressure relieving 50 kg/m3 memory foam.

A unique quality of this pillow is that it is well ventilated through tiny pinholes, providing fantastic air circulation while feeling plush and luxurious. It also contains bamboo, which is eco-friendly, soft and anti-bacterial.

When you sleep on a high-quality contour memory foam pillow, be prepared to wait a few minutes for the memory foam to slowly release and contour perfectly to the curves of your neck and head, giving you comforting, cradling support throughout the night.

Flexi Pillow – Gel Contour

Another extremely popular contour pillow, the Flexi Gel Contour Pillow is higher on one side than the other and features a cooling gel pad set into the viscoelastic memory foam, making it an ideal pillow for hot sleepers as well as those requiring pressure relief. The Flexi Pillow has the highest density memory foam (80 kg/m3) and as its height can be adjusted, it is suitable for people of all body types requiring a highly supportive, medium feel pillow.

Flexi Pillow – Latex

For those with allergy problems, a latex contour pillow is an excellent choice. Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, this natural material is long-lasting and supremely comfortable. Encasing the latex pillow is a natural bamboo cover which ensures that the desirable contour shaping is maintained. 

The latex Flexi Pillow has a moderate contour and provides relief from pain or pressure around the neck and shoulders, also promoting a natural spinal alignment. If desired, the latex can be adjusted to suit your body shape and sleep position.

For more examples of contour pillows, see our extensive range online, or visit us in store.

If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain, we are confident that once you find your perfect contour pillow, there will be no going back. In fact, you won’t want to sleep a night without it!

At Mattress & Pillow Science, all our pillows come with a 14-day home trial and a money back guarantee.

Mattress & Pillow Science. The healthy sleep specialists.

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