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Foam Vs Spring Mattress — How To Choose The Right Mattress?

Foam Vs Spring Mattress — How To Choose The Right Mattress? - Mattress & Pillow Science

When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress, you may have a hard time deciding between a foam vs spring mattress. Each type has unique features, benefits and potential drawbacks. In this blog post, we'll go head to head between a memory foam vs spring mattress to help you find the best fit based on your sleep needs and preferences.

Understanding foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are crafted using viscoelastic foam, which conforms to the shape of a person's body, providing a custom fit that helps in relieving pressure points and ensuring proper spinal alignment. They are known for being hypoallergenic and durable. However, they may also have drawbacks related to heat retention and cost.


  • Contouring support — Memory foam contours to the body, offering tailored support that can relieve pressure points.
  • Hypoallergenic — Resistant to common allergens such as dust mites.
  • Motion isolation — Excellent for those sharing a bed, as it minimises the transfer of movement.
  • Durability — Typically lasts longer than traditional spring mattresses.
  • Quiet — No noise when bearing weight, as there are no springs or moving parts.


  • Heat retention — Tends to retain body heat, potentially causing discomfort.
  • Cost — Generally more expensive than spring mattresses.
  • Initial odour — Some may emit an off-gassing smell when new.
  • Weight — Can be heavy and difficult to move or rotate.

Understanding spring mattresses

Spring mattresses, the traditional choice, feature a network of metal springs that provide support. They can vary in firmness and are known for their cooling properties due to air circulation between the coils. However, they may not offer the same contouring support as foam and can have a shorter lifespan.


  • Customisable firmness — The number and distribution of springs can be adjusted for desired support.
  • Cooling — The space between coils allows for good airflow, resulting in better temperature regulation.
  • Bounce — Some people prefer the traditional bouncy feel of spring mattresses.
  • Cost-effective — Generally less expensive than foam or latex mattresses.
  • Easy to move — Tends to be lighter than dense foam mattresses.


  • Durability issues — Springs can sag over time, reducing comfort and support.
  • Motion transfer — This can be problematic for those sharing a bed, as movements can be felt across the mattress.
  • Noise potential — Springs may squeak with age and movement.
  • Less contouring — Does not conform to the body as memory foam does, which can lead to pressure points.

To sum it up, when choosing between foam and spring mattresses, consider your personal comfort preferences, potential allergies, budget and whether you share the bed with a partner. Foam mattresses offer superior contouring and motion isolation but can be warmer and more costly, while spring mattresses are cooler, bouncier and generally more affordable but may lack durability and motion dampening.

So, when it comes to foam vs spring mattresses, which one is right for you?

When comparing a memory foam vs spring mattress, it's essential to consider these factors:

  • Sleeping position — Your preferred sleeping position is crucial when debating a foam vs spring mattress. Side sleepers often benefit from memory foam mattresses due to their ability to conform to the body and provide pressure point relief. Back or stomach sleepers, on the other hand, might prefer the firmness of a spring mattress to ensure their spine stays aligned.
  • Temperature regulation — If you're someone who tends to sleep hot, a spring mattress with its superior air circulation might be the better choice. On the other hand, newer memory foam mattresses often come with cooling technologies such as gel-infused foam or open-cell structure to mitigate heat retention issues.
  • Budget — Spring mattresses can be less expensive than memory foam mattresses, but there's a broad range in each category. Consider your budget, but don't compromise on comfort and quality.

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