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Latex Mattresses: Nature’s Gift for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

Latex Mattresses: Nature’s Gift for the Perfect Night’s Sleep - Mattress & Pillow Science

Latex Mattresses

When it comes to latex mattresses, Melbourne people today are certainly keen to espouse the benefits! Highly popular for their longevity, bacteriostatic properties and comfort, latex-rich mattresses are certainly worth considering. At Mattress & Pillow Science we have a selection of latex-rich mattresses, as well as mattresses that have a built-in latex mattress topper, providing you with the benefits of latex as well as featuring other innovative products to give you a truly fantastic night’s sleep.


What is a latex mattress?

As the name suggests, a latex mattress consists of the natural substance: latex. Pure latex is made from natural rubber and is one of the most environmentally beneficial products known to mankind. Latex is harvested by collecting the liquid from under the bark of a specific tree in Malaysia called Havea Brazilensis, or more commonly, a Rubber Tree. This milky product is taken and made into soft, foam-like material that is perfect for bedding. It has a natural micro-cellular structure with millions of holes that offer incredible durability and comfort. Many latex mattresses are also formulated with pinholes perforated through the mattress, to assist with cooling.

The fact that Latex is a natural product offers many benefits, but in particular – it has natural elasticity, which provides an essential balance between comfort and support. It is also extremely long-lasting and is totally biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

 latex mattresses

Benefits Of Latex-Rich Mattresses

100% natural product: latex is made of natural rubber, free from any harmful or toxic substances

Fully breathable: a natural latex mattress has literally millions of interconnecting air cells, which, through your sleep movements, continue to self-ventilate throughout the night. This promises a comfortable and cool sleep. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, a latex mattress should never overheat!

Relief from allergies: no synthetics means a latex-rich mattress is a perfect choice for those sensitive to allergies.

Latex mattresses are bacteriostatic: latex contains anti-bacterial or anti-microbial properties. These properties will last for years as they are protective properties that naturally occur in the latex milk in the rubber tree. If the tree is damaged, the milk can form a protective layer to prevent infection, much the same way our bodies protect us from injury or infection.

No mould or fungus: the bacteriostatic properties make it impossible for any mould or fungus to live within the mattress.

No dust mites: the natural properties of latex prohibit bedbugs or dust mites from breeding, making latex the perfect choice for those who are particularly sensitive to this issues. Furthermore, a common reason that dust mites thrive inside mattresses and pillows is due to heat generated when we sleep, along with the moisture that we expel. The dust mites can thrive off this combined heat and moisture, as well as the dust (which comprises of dead flaked skin). With a latex mattress, the temperature remains cooler – and with its open cell structure there is excellent ventilation, which prohibits moisture build-up. All in all, this makes it an unattractive place for dust mites to live!

A long-lasting mattress: did you know that latex mattresses can last up to 30 years? As far as longevity is concerned, latex mattresses are simply unbeatable!

Even support: surface pressure is radically reduced, eliminating any feelings of being trapped or bogged down in your mattress. There is also no hardening or sagging with a latex mattress.

It eliminates partner disturbance: latex can quickly mould to your shape; any movement does not result in motion on the rest of the mattress, so neither partner will be affected by unwanted movement. Also, there are no interconnecting springs, which are a common reason for sleeping partner disturbances, through both turbulence and noise.


 What is the best latex mattress?

Wondering which is the best latex mattress to purchase? Essentially, the main factor to consider is this: does the mattress that is advertised as having latex - or a latex component – actually have latex? Some cheaper brands claim to have a percentage of latex, or a particular amount of latex in a layer of the mattress – when actually it is dispersed with fillers or additives, such as cheap, synthetic foam.

To avoid being caught out, ask to view a cross-section of the mattress whenever possible so you can see the authenticity of the latex for yourself. Purchase reputable brands, or better still, as recommended by Choice Magazine – look for a retailer that is also a manufacturer of mattresses. At Mattress and Pillow Science, we manufacture many of our mattresses ourselves, right here in Melbourne. After years of research, working with top orthopaedic surgeons and specialists, we know how to solve our customers’ problems. Furthermore, as we manufacture in-house, we can pass on excellent products at an affordable price.


Visit us in store and experience the Pillow Science difference.

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