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Memory Foam Pillows: A Buyer's Guide

Memory Foam Pillows: A Buyer's Guide - Mattress & Pillow Science

Memory foam was first developed by NASA in 1966, when scientists were trying to develop foam that could accommodate an even distribution of pressure around the bodies of astronauts who would be facing gravity pressures when departing and re-entering the atmosphere. Since then, it has been used for a myriad of purposes, but has become immensely popular in bedding for both pillows, mattresses and bed toppers.


 Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows differ from other pillows on the market as they are made of a visco-elastic (polyurethane) foam, only with certain chemicals added to increase its weight and density, creating a different molecular composition to other foams.


The Memory Foam Pillow Difference

Memory foam pillows come highly recommended, particularly for individuals that require a long lasting pillow that offers both softness and support. Additionally, if your neck is sensitive and you would like to avoid sleeping with pressure building up around any one area of your neck, a memory foam pillow could be a sound option as viscoelastic foam can beautifully distribute weight and pressure.


Another feature of memory foam is that it is temperature-sensitive. Once your body heat penetrates the pillow, it will slowly soften and mould around your body, accepting your body’s pressure points. Effectively, this allows you to nestle into your pillow, rather than simply lying on top of it.


Memory Foam Pillow Review

Reading reviews online can be extremely helpful, and there are many memory foam pillow reviews available on the internet. In particular, it may be useful to look for comments about the quality of the foam – and its longevity. Cheaper memory foam pillows are usually made of substandard foam that will not spring back, or recover in the way that a higher quality memory foam would do. Do remember when reading reviews, however, that the “the right pillow” is a subjective topic, so what may be ideal for one customer, may not be the right choice for you.  


The Best Memory Foam Pillow

Once again, it’s vital to note that choosing the “best” memory foam pillow is dependent on what is most suitable for your body. There are some universal factors, though, that should be considered. Ideally, look for a good balance between firmness and weight. If the pillow is too heavy, then it just may not give you enough comfort and support. Thick, heavy memory foam can feel as though you are stuck in quicksand, or that you are lying on heavy dough, and not give you that lovely sense of buoyant support. Conversely, if the pillow is too light, it won’t be able to support you adequately and will not last the test of time. If you live in Melbourne, we recommend visiting our expert Sleep Consultants in-store at our retail outlets in Caulfield, Moonee Ponds or Surrey Hills and they will be happy to help you to find out which is the best memory foam pillow for you.   


Memory Foam Pillows from Mattress & PIllow Science - Enhanced Comfort and Pressure Relief


If you are able to touch the pillow before you purchase it, you can always try the ‘press test’. Push your fingers deeply into the memory foam pillow, then let go – and count how long it takes for the pillow to return to its original shape. Ideally, it should take 7 to 10 seconds.


Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Many people enjoy the benefits of a memory foam pillow so much that they literally do not want to sleep without one!  It’s not uncommon for people to take a memory foam travel pillow away with them as the soft, comforting support of memory foam certainly outweighs the feeling of many a hotel pillow!


Memory Foam Mattress Toppers: A Useful Addition

Once you have settled upon the right memory foam pillow for you, ideally you should sleep on a mattress that is also appropriate, supportive and comfortable for your body. There is no need to purchase a brand-new mattress, just because you have purchased a pillow though, particularly if your mattress is still in decent condition. Alternatively, a memory foam mattress topper may be a positive addition to your bedding! You simply take the topper and place it on top of your mattress to help support your body and alleviate any pressure points, by spreading your body weight evenly over the beds surface. This can provide you with years of comfort – as well as saving you money from investing a considerable amount in a brand-new mattress, making a memory foam mattress topper a popular choice!


Buy online now or visit us in store and experience the Pillow Science difference.

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